Genesis caster upgrade at less than half the price


Bill Pudim

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Here are the casters close up, 3” wheel diameter, 2” from center of axle to top of bearing. I did not want nor need brakes as 99% of my grill operation is on ground. Steel is zinc plated.


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Jon Tofte

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They look nice. I think I might try to clear coat the metal to delay the inevitable rust, zinc notwithstanding. A stainless version would be really nice but would no longer be half the price!


Caster Part # P12S-R040D-SG1 link: Caster
Brake kits Part # P-WB12 040X125 link: Brake kits
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I selected rubber wheels, because it’s quiet and smooth rolling. For a couple more bucks you can get polyolefin which has a higher load rating and may last longer. Be sure to order P12 series though, to accept compatible brakes
The stem on these was slightly longer than the originals (by approx.. 1/8”) than the OEM, so I corrected that difference by adding a rubber washer atop the swivel – 2” dia. X 1/8” thick with ½” hole, available at Lowes. They fit like a glove in the existing plastic leg inserts. I simply popped the old casters out and inserted the new ones in.
Thanks for the parts info! I just put them on my grill, didn’t get the brakes though. My wheels were shot. What a difference!


Clint S

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Glad to help DuaneM. Looks good! (As it turns out, I rarely use the brakes - only when temporarily parking my grill on sloping concrete). And on Jon's comment regarding rust/corrosion protection, perhaps a good idea. Though, mine are going on two years outside in the gulf coast weather and show no sign of deterioration.