1. T

    Weber Genesis (early 2000s) restoration, which cover should I buy?

    As the title states, I'm in the process of recovering an early 2000s model Genesis 3 burner and currently picking out replacement parts... Curious if anyone had suggestions for a grill cover. I'm debating to just go generic from Amazon as they seem to be roughly half the price of the Weber...
  2. M

    Weber Genesis Silver C Advice

    Hi there, I'm new to this group, and very impressed by all the restorations and knowledge! I am trying to maintain my vintage Weber. I haven't noticed too many other carts like mine, but it has a solid metal bottom. Without slats, any water just pools and of course tends to rust. I can't...
  3. D

    Natural Gas Orifice Size for Weber Genesis II E-310 Conversion

    Hi all! I'm new here and recently purchased a Weber Genesis II E-310 in LP but just moved to a house that has a NG hookup so obviously I would rather use that. I have read many of the threads here and on other sites and understand that the best way to convert to NG would be to replace the...
  4. J

    Wanted: Weber Genesis 1000 Rocker Switch Assembly

    I’m restoring a 98 Genesis and am in need of a rocker switch assembly (including the rectangular bracket). I believe the original part was 92510 (switch) and 92515 (bracket). I would alternatively be interested in the newer, but compatible, version (Part 87456). I can’t seem to find any...
  5. Nerkalis

    Weber Genesis Platinum C - New to me - Thoughts appreciated

    Hello All. First post as I am new to this Q community. I recently acquired a classic Weber Genesis Platinum C. Grabbed for $60 off local ad and got it home. Was a NP model and I had some parts from old to convert without much hassle. Even added a tank holder to the outside from a Weber Genesis...
  6. R

    How to remove Genesis side burner & cap gas line?

    Hi there - apologies in advance if there are other threads that cover this ad nauseam, I did a search and found nothing. I'm getting ready to build a grill surround island and will be removing the side shelves from my Genesis 1 S-330. This would include the right shelf, which is a burner...
  7. S

    Genesis 330 Burner Issue

    Hello all. I recently trashed picked a Genesis S-330 that is in quite good shape. However, I am having a burner issue that I can't seem to solve. As you can see in the pictures, the left most burner and sear station burner are producing much larger yellow flames as compared to the other two...
  8. R

    Weber genesis 5500

    New to this forum. Thought I would share this, incredibly rare, weber genesis 5500. I found this on a Facebook buy and sell. I currently have it disassembled and am working on the fire box. I've been lurking around this site, getting alot of good input from others. This one is in amazing shape...
  9. JSaus

    Does anyone own a new Weber gas grill?

    After 20 years with my Silver B and having already replaced burners, grates, favorizer bars, drip pan etc. I decided on a new grill. Bought a Spirit E-330 because it was the same size as the Silver B, had some nice features and was relatively affordable. I read about the rust problems with the...
  10. B

    Anyone looking for some projects in the Bay Area?

    I am grill heavy and time short right now. I have these 3 grills left that I didn’t get around to restoring, and I could use the space more right about now. Anybody interested? All offers will be taking into consideration.
  11. E

    Genesis 1100 Redhead Restoration Project

    Hello All. I just joined the forum and this is my first post. I purchased a Genesis 1000 in 1997 and still cook on it once or twice a week. I kinda got the bug to buy another one because we're having a new patio installed and I plan to do more BBQ cooking. Last weekend, I saw another redhead on...
  12. R

    Wicked find Genesis 4000 1990's Cast iron grate/stainless/porcelain

    Hey everyone. I am new here and have recently acquired what I believe to be a Weber Genesis 4000. I got it for free from my neighbor and am currently in the process of restoring it. I am looking to buy some cooking grates, since the ones in it are rusted out. I am trying to avoid the porcelain...
  13. A

    Restoring Genesis E310 for Father's Day?

    Newbie Alert! So my wife has been telling me to get me a new grill for Father's Day this year. I figured I would get me a Spirit II e310 or the like. I've been grilling with an old Q (with amazing results for its size) for years. Anyhow, I found this 2013 Genesis E310 for $50, which to me...
  14. John K BBQ

    Genesis with minor lighting issues - could use some advice

    I'd like some advice on my slow lighting 10 year old Genesis. I do a decent clean out on this grill every year and replace the flavorizer bars when they develop holes, etc... But for the last couple of years, the grill is not lighting up quite right. When the grill was new, and on my buddies...
  15. J

    Large Yellow Flames on LP Grill - Can't figure out the issue.

    First thanks for all the guidance I've received so far in my reading. I just received a used Genesis EP-320 LP grill that is in really good condition. Everything seems to be working fine but the flames are like 6" high and yellow when the grill is on High. Even on medium, the flames come...
  16. J

    Drip Pan Rail Screws

    I did some searching but I could not find a solution. Unfortunately, The previous owner ran into the same problem and decided to drill the drip pan directly to the cookbook. How should I tackle removing these screws? Is this possible or should I find an alternative solution? This grill is 4...
  17. C

    Genesis caster upgrade at less than half the price

    The casters on my Genesis 320 finally bit the dust, which was a blessing in disguise. I was never pleased with the original small plastic casters - they seemed better suited for light-duty indoor application such as an office chair on a smooth floor. Also, I wasn't thrilled with shelling out...
  18. Jon K

    SOLD Complete Propane Manifold Assembly, Genesis 310 NO Side Burner 2008 To 2010 $60

    My loss is your gain! I ordered the wrong part of my Genesis rebuild and by the time I realized, it was too late to return the incorrect part. This is a complete propane manifold assembly. Fits Genesis 310 with NO sideburner, years 2008-2010. Includes all three main burner valves mounted to the...
  19. A

    Need help with identifying the year of this grill

    Found this in the trash yesterday and am going to start restoring it. I know its a Genesis Silver A. But there is no serial number on it. Was hoping someone can help me identify the year of it. From what I read I am thinking around 2002-2003ish. Thanks in advance!
  20. K

    Screw size for burner locator screws on Genesis 1100

    In my haste to tear down my latest project, a Genesis 1100, I removed the burner locator screws out of the firebox and promptly lost them. Yes, I know you don't need to take them out but they came out just fine so figured wth. Now I need to replace them and have no idea what size they were...