Genesis 1100 Redhead Restoration Project


Ed Grostas

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Hello All. I just joined the forum and this is my first post. I purchased a Genesis 1000 in 1997 and still cook on it once or twice a week. I kinda got the bug to buy another one because we're having a new patio installed and I plan to do more BBQ cooking. Last weekend, I saw another redhead on CL and decided to pull the trigger. It's an 1100 made in 1997 and it seems to be in pretty good shape. It was stored in a garage and had the original cover form 1997! I want to send out a thank you to all the posters for the great information that I plan to use in my restoration. Anyway, I have a question and I'd like some opinions on something else. In one of the pics, there is a galvanized bracket...not sure what it's for. Also the durawood boards are gray. My original genesis had the redwood looking boards. Not sure whether to stick with original color or not. What do you guys think? BTW you might notice in the pictures that the original owner assembled the grill incorrectly. The fuel level sticker is on the back of the grill and the drop down shelf doesn't appear to have ever been used because the hole for the prop is on the back and couldn't be installed. Thanks again.

IMG_2203.jpgIMG_2190.jpgFirebox.jpgIMG_2186.jpgIMG_2191.jpgIMG_2192.jpgIMG_2199.jpgIMG_2200.jpgIMG_2202.jpgInside Lid.jpg
The bracket is to support the manifold. It hooks under the manifold and over the the cross beam that the igniter mounts into.

The slide bar for the swing table should be on the left side.
That's in very good shape. That the wheels have those noodly plastic pieces in the letters intact is a good thing. Clean it up, change the hardware to stainless and you should be in business.
GREAT find! I love that classic Weber cover, too. I think you should go for natural wood that will make the red stand out more. Oh, and when you refinish the logo paint the kettle red :coolkettle: !
Hi Chris,
Thanks for checking in on my project. I got sidetracked with a couple of things at work and home but I plan on starting next week. BTW, I love your choice of mahogany wood. I understand it holds up well to the weather. Was thinking of that myself but no one sells it near me. I'll be posting when I get going.
Someone put that grill together a little backwards. The propane tank fill decal is facing back of the grill, and the wheels and casters are reversed?
Looks funny.
Yeah I noticed that when I saw it on CL. The original owner didn't speak English very well. Maybe he had trouble reading directions.