1. ChadRex

    1975 Weber Bar-B-Q kettle Grill Red Enamel Vintage Good deal?

    I am in search of a Red 22" Weber kettle. I am willing to add leg kit and One Touch system for the right kettle. Is a 1975 Weber Bar-B-Q kettle Grill Red Enamel Vintage good deal at $399.00? other than a few chips on the lid it looks like its in excellent condition.
  2. M

    1998 Genesis 1000 ready for refurb $30 (Hartford CT area)

    Hi I have my old trusty redhead that the wife says must go now that we have a new grill. It had its burners and bars replaced over the years. It is ready for a new home, 2nd life. The wood tables have long since rotted away.
  3. B

    Anyone looking for some projects in the Bay Area?

    I am grill heavy and time short right now. I have these 3 grills left that I didn’t get around to restoring, and I could use the space more right about now. Anybody interested? All offers will be taking into consideration.
  4. E

    Genesis 1100 Redhead Restoration Project

    Hello All. I just joined the forum and this is my first post. I purchased a Genesis 1000 in 1997 and still cook on it once or twice a week. I kinda got the bug to buy another one because we're having a new patio installed and I plan to do more BBQ cooking. Last weekend, I saw another redhead on...
  5. M

    Weber Genesis 1 Redhead

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the great information on this forum and post my first restore. I really love the look of the Genesis 1000's and happened to find this one on offerup right down the street for $10 got it back to the house and started checking it out. Not bad shape, wasn't much...
  6. Joel Young

    Genesis Redhead 1100 "Diamondplate Edition" Restoration

    This is my first Weber grill! After owning several Walmart specials, I decided it was probably time to get a decent one. While researching new models I stumbled across this forum and was hooked! I found this Genesis 1100 earlier this year on OfferUp. It was $100 which may have been a little...
  7. C

    Heat Output/Searing: Early 90's Genesis vs newer models

    Hey all, new member here. I'm gonna post some of my Webers soon and show off my cooks too. In the meantime, who was an older "Redhead" Genesis and a newer (say late 2000s to current years) Genesis and do the old ones not have as much power? I did a resto on my Redhead and the first cook was...
  8. Rob B.

    1987 Genesis II Redhead

    With the help of a longtime Grillfella I was pointed to a Weber redhead with wide wood slats, which he told me indicated a first generation for Weber. I had zero prior interest in a gas grill but when I heard this was probably Weber's entry into gas grills I got real interested. The grill was at...
  9. M

    My redhead rehab

    First and foremost, I want to thank all the contributors to the forum. I thought about maintaining lurker status as I move on from this project, but the resource your posts provided in making this a reality were invaluable and credit is due. I started looking for a new grill at the beginning...
  10. R

    Genesis 1000 Red head lid

    Looking for red head lid genesis 1000
  11. M

    Restoring a Weber Genesis 1100 "RedHead"

    I was lucky enough to find a Redhead Genesis in really good condition. Everything was original, missing Flavorizer bars, rusted burner tubes (expected) I Dismantled the cook-box, hood and frame, sanded it down, sprayed it with Ultra High heat Semi Gloss. I wire brushed the burners but...
  12. MarkSiebel

    Weber Genesis 2000--VINTAGE Mid 90's RED *RESTORED*

    Weber Genesis 2000—VINTAGE Mid 1990’s RED—3 Burner LP Gas Grill--**RESTORED ** My 2nd CLASSIC/VINTAGE Weber grill restoration!! They get easier each time!! :) Weber Genesis 3-Burner LP gas grill, ALL original EXCEPT: BRAND NEW AUTHENTIC WEBER PARTS: #7638 -- Porcelain-Enameled Cast Iron...
  13. R

    Redhead Restoration - Help!

    I thought I would jump right in to the world of restoration, and found a sweet Genesis (model/age unknown, no serial) for a whopping $20. I was so excited until the lid fell while loading into the car, snapping off the connectors on the end caps. Now I'm wondering where to go next. Ive already...
  14. J

    Genesis 1000 Fans - your restoration project is calling you!

    :redgenesis1: I grabbed a Genesis 1000 from the curb of an unloving owner. This grill is complete, minus the flavorizer bars. One of the Valves was broken, but I have the brand new Valve. Pics are available, AND I will deliver it within a 25 mile radius of Wilmington, MA. This is your chance...
  15. T

    Mating a red top 1000 with a 2002-3 Silver B

    Hey guys, this is my first big post on the Weber bulletin boards and I've been cooking with Weber's for about 20 years now. I have a Weber 3000 1997 in storage and I drive for a living now so I don't have much time at home. On the road one day I saw a red top on the side of the road with a free...
  16. Bob Ivey

    Genesis 1000 Redhead In Orange County Calif.

    Craigslist Link Just saw this redhead on Craigslist. I just got one but this would be a great rehab project for someone on the forum. Good Luck. Only $25.00. Someone has to get this.
  17. Bob Ivey

    New Family Member (1996 Genesis 1000 Redhead)

    Been looking for a while and found this on CL for $55.00. Did minor cleaning to see how it works and cooked some chicken last night. Overall it works well. Now real damage but will need some parts and major cleaning and painting. Seller said he replaced the flavorizer bars last year but...
  18. J

    My first restore - an Ol' Redhead Genesis 3 from the 80's

    The Weber forums have been an excellent way for me to learn about grills. I was just looking to replace my crappy CharBroil because I really didn't know or think there was much to a grill. Heck, I was still saying that I BBQ'd.. even though it was all NG or LP, see I'm already learning. Once I...
  19. M

    Redhead Weber Spirit 900 Build and Tri Tip Break-In

    My dad rebuilt this Weber Spirit 900 for my birthday. It came out saweeeet. Thought I'd post some before and after photos. This is how we got her, very beat up.... Started getting it cleaned up: To our surprise the igniter fired right up! Years of grill build up burning off: Getting...
  20. D

    Weber Genesis 1000 Readhead from Long Island

    This story started with a search for a cart frame to rebuild a blacktop Genesis 1000 that was given to me recently. I posted a want-to-buy Craigslist ad looking for cheap or free parts off of forgotten about Webers. I unexpectedly received emails from two awesome Weber lovers within hours of the...