1998 Genesis 1000 ready for refurb $30 (Hartford CT area)


Matt Rose

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I have my old trusty redhead that the wife says must go now that we have a new grill. It had its burners and bars replaced over the years. It is ready for a new home, 2nd life. The wood tables have long since rotted away.

weber 1.jpg weber 2.jpg


Both Craigslist and Facebook have “free” sections.

If it were me, I’d list it on either/ both those places at $20 just so it doesn’t fall into the hands of the scrappers that closely follow the free sections for items to bring to the scrap yard.

That grill probably does have a second life in it, it would be a shame if it got crushed.


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I'll give you $20 and pay another $15 for the shipping for just the bottom grease tray if it's in good condition.

Matt Rose

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sorry for the delay, bunch of end of the year work stuff. thank you all for the replies. I think it definitely has a second life or at least has a bunch of decent parts. I will look at the grease tray but I would prefer to have someone just take the whole thing.