Redhead Restoration - Help!


R Schloz

New member
I thought I would jump right in to the world of restoration, and found a sweet Genesis (model/age unknown, no serial) for a whopping $20. I was so excited until the lid fell while loading into the car, snapping off the connectors on the end caps. Now I'm wondering where to go next. Ive already begun some light cleaning, but don't want to throw too much time at a lost cause.

Weber no longer sells the end caps separately, and buying a new lid wouldn't be cost effective. Does anyone have some extra end caps laying around they'd be willing to part with?

I can post some pics when I figure out how from mobile!
I have an entire lid that is in good (but dirty shape) off a Platinum but it is gray with red pinstripe. I just put it in the recycle bin yesterday but for the cost of shipping I'd send it to you. The wood handle is in great shape (just needs sanding and finishing) and the thermometer holder is not there, but that could easily be salvaged from what you have. It could be used whole or stripped for it's parts. I do not want to bother with it so it would be the whole thing. Let me know via PM as my recycle pickup is not until next week. My guess is it may run $20 to ship it but really would not know until I box and weigh it