1. R

    How to remove Genesis side burner & cap gas line?

    Hi there - apologies in advance if there are other threads that cover this ad nauseam, I did a search and found nothing. I'm getting ready to build a grill surround island and will be removing the side shelves from my Genesis 1 S-330. This would include the right shelf, which is a burner...
  2. JSaus

    Does anyone own a new Weber gas grill?

    After 20 years with my Silver B and having already replaced burners, grates, favorizer bars, drip pan etc. I decided on a new grill. Bought a Spirit E-330 because it was the same size as the Silver B, had some nice features and was relatively affordable. I read about the rust problems with the...
  3. M

    Weber Q Serial Numbers

    Apart from the two alphabetic characters to determine age, is there a structure around the numeric characters for Weber Q serial numbers or are these just randomly generated. For example, do the first two number represent something, then the next two something else etc etc.
  4. Dave Z

    2020 Gas Models Information?

    Long time Weber user. I have two Weber Smoky Mountains and an old Genesis Silver B. The gasser has been in 3 different countries now - USA, Switzerland and now the UK. It is time for me to get a new Weber gas grill. Will there be new features / models in 2020? Any announcements yet? The reason...
  5. K

    Grilling over charcoal is objectively, scientifically better than grilling over gas

    Here is an article from Wired... Charcoal or GAS...!!
  6. J

    Genesis E-310 or Genesis 1000 restore

    I am switching to NG and have a choice: convert my Genesis 1000 or buy an E-310 for about $350. The 1000 grates and flavorizer bars likely need to be replaced in 3-4 years but are fine for now. The firebox paint is not great (particularly on the bottom), but it works fine. I do have some...
  7. R

    Redhead Restoration - Help!

    I thought I would jump right in to the world of restoration, and found a sweet Genesis (model/age unknown, no serial) for a whopping $20. I was so excited until the lid fell while loading into the car, snapping off the connectors on the end caps. Now I'm wondering where to go next. Ive already...
  8. R

    Picked up my first resto. 2004 summit silver b

    So I got the sweet gem yesterday. 2004 summit silver b. I will post pictures during the restore process. I saw this awesome forum and Hoping for some tips on deep cleaning the grill. The grill itself seems to be in decent shape. I myself like the look of a shiny firebox. Nothing other than...