1. Bill Hall

    Weber Kettle Premium Lid Holder

    I noticed when I utilize the lid holder that is welded to the underside of the lid, the rim of the lid scrapes up against the aluminum legs. Anyone not use the lid holder because of this? I understand its an outdoor grill but I like to keep my kettles and cookers looking nice. I've been just...
  2. R

    Genesis 1000 Red head lid

    Looking for red head lid genesis 1000
  3. J

    Removing Stains from Firebox and Lid sides - Genesis

    I am refurbishing a Genesis 2011 model that I found on Nextdoor. It's in great condition and I was able to remove the surface rust with Bar Keepers Friend as suggested here and fine steel wool in stubborn spots. Now, I want to see if I can remove the surface food/sauce stains that burned into...
  4. I

    Genesis Porcelain Enameled Lids and Wood

    Hello All, I just wanted to know if these lids are interchangeable. I don't know if it is just the color of the lid and the angle in which the photo was taken but the blue lid looks smaller than the other two. Ultimately, I'm trying to get the blue lid on the smaller frame on to either the...
  5. E

    New here...restoring a 2004 Genesis Silver B...Endcap issue

    Been lurking for a couple of weeks after buying a 2004 Genesis Silver B, Natural Gas (part #6321001). Thanks to all for the terrific posts and advice. I have been having a ton of fun working on this grill and reading your restoration experiences. I also made my first HUGE mistake and I am...
  6. P

    Removing badge-stains from Genesis lid?

    Got my hands on a redhead. The cleanup process is coming along, but hit a snag on the lid. The lid has some stains that apparently came from the badge. Over time, the badge surface turned into a white flaky substance, which apparently "leaked" some haziness onto the porcelain top. It almost...
  7. R

    Redhead Restoration - Help!

    I thought I would jump right in to the world of restoration, and found a sweet Genesis (model/age unknown, no serial) for a whopping $20. I was so excited until the lid fell while loading into the car, snapping off the connectors on the end caps. Now I'm wondering where to go next. Ive already...
  8. C

    Should I buy even with the condition of the top

    I'm about ready to purchase an old school Weber I think its a Genesis contrary to the ad claiming it's a 3 burner Spirit. Anyway, the top of the shroud has some discoloration. I'm going to take a look tonight, but wondering by glance if you think it will buff out?
  9. E

    Greetings! Weber Genesis E 320 Lid "Refurbish" Questions....

    Hi all, First post here! Bought my Weber Genesis 320 about 7 years ago and it's still in pretty good shape. After coming from years of throw-away grills, this one has been an absolute pleasure. Here's my current issue: Just over two years of ownership, the grey paint on the "end caps"...
  10. J

    Smoke coming through lid

    So I did my first burn in my wsm 22.5 with lump coal and about 5 chunks of pecan & hickory wood. I had some smoke coming out the door which was expected but there was also some smoke coming out of the edges of the lid. Does everyone generally have a airtight seal on the lid or is it normal to...
  11. K

    Seattle Area Newb

    I live in Burien, WA. We are basically a southern suburb of Seattle. Got a performer off of Craigslist years ago to replace my $99 Home Depot New Braunfels, that served me well for 15 years!!! Love the Performer, however my handle has seperated from the lid!!! Grrr...... Any ideas???