1. ChadRex

    1975 Weber Bar-B-Q kettle Grill Red Enamel Vintage Good deal?

    I am in search of a Red 22" Weber kettle. I am willing to add leg kit and One Touch system for the right kettle. Is a 1975 Weber Bar-B-Q kettle Grill Red Enamel Vintage good deal at $399.00? other than a few chips on the lid it looks like its in excellent condition.
  2. R

    Redhead Restoration - Help!

    I thought I would jump right in to the world of restoration, and found a sweet Genesis (model/age unknown, no serial) for a whopping $20. I was so excited until the lid fell while loading into the car, snapping off the connectors on the end caps. Now I'm wondering where to go next. Ive already...
  3. J

    Hello From Long Island

    Hello everyone! Is there a better way to spend your winter than restoring your weber? Spray Painting down the basement does have its draw backs. I have a Genisis 2000 and I'm restoring it for the second time. It was orininally a red top, but was to far gone to save. I hope to have pictures...