Hello From Long Island



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Hello everyone! Is there a better way to spend your winter than restoring your weber? Spray Painting down the basement does have its draw backs. I have a Genisis 2000 and I'm restoring it for the second time. It was orininally a red top, but was to far gone to save. I hope to have pictures soon. I must have miss'd some rust in the bottom half. I am learning to use a tap and die. I am finding the rails that hold the bottom tray rusted and need replacement, I ordered the rails but getting the screws out is not working out so as soon as I get a peek at the hardware that comes with it I will have to drill out and tap. I have leaned to use stainless hardware when possible. I replaced the wood slats with cedar, noy sure about that, but they look good for now. I saw someone else used Poplar, great idea.

Thanks again for all the posts, they are so helpful:eek:
Hey Joe,
Welcome from a transplanted L.I.er. Untreated cedar is a good choice because it weathers well. That is, if you don't mind it turning silver gray.