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    Need Advice: Interested in acquiring and restoring a rusty 18 WSM

    Hey All I recently came across an inexpensive but quite rough WSM-18. Since I dont like junky stuff, I of course would want to resore it as much as economically feasible. Attached are the pics I got that show a fair amount of rust inside and out. What ideas besides " a lot of elbow grease"...
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    Weber Genesis Needs Some Love

    Hi All, Greetings from New Zealand. After coming across this forum and seeing some of the amazing restore jobs here, I saw this old genesis online and thought I'd take it on as a little project. It's too big for my place but I plan on giving it to my parents to use. Generally speaking I...
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    I purchased 2 Webers to restore or refurbish. Need advise.

    I purchased 2 Webers to restore or refurbish. Need advice. This is my first post, so bear with me. After spending $600 on a Broil King 3 years ago and putting it out on the trash recently, I decided I didn't want to spend that much on another throw away grill. I began searching the internet...
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    First Post from a Long Time Weber Fan Boy

    I used Weber Kettles in the 70s, 80s and 90s, but in 1998 I bought a NG Platinum II that ran up untill tonite when I disconnected it and moved in another identical Platinum II that I refurbished after I picked it up for free. That old grill ran for 20 years and never quit. It would have cooked...
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    "Breaking In" a newly-restored grill - seasoning the inside of the firebox?

    I know I've seen this advice somewhere on this thread, but can't immediately find it. When restoring a grill, some folks use a wirewheel/etc. to remove carbon and other gunk from the inside of the firebox. That leaves exposed metal, and I assume that exposed metal is prone to rust if it is not...
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    Redhead Weber Spirit 900 Build and Tri Tip Break-In

    My dad rebuilt this Weber Spirit 900 for my birthday. It came out saweeeet. Thought I'd post some before and after photos. This is how we got her, very beat up.... Started getting it cleaned up: To our surprise the igniter fired right up! Years of grill build up burning off: Getting...
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    Restore of Genesis 2000

    I received this grill from my wifes boss about 10 years ago. It was originally a red top, when I first got it. I replaced top with current Black one. I knew in the fall it was time to restore again. I finally got the remaining hardware for the drop down shelf. I replaced all the slats with...
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    Hello From Long Island

    Hello everyone! Is there a better way to spend your winter than restoring your weber? Spray Painting down the basement does have its draw backs. I have a Genisis 2000 and I'm restoring it for the second time. It was orininally a red top, but was to far gone to save. I hope to have pictures...