1. Joe Anshien

    Casters - Most are fixable. This is how I do it. Do you?

    So, I had been buying new casters for almost all my refurbs as they are almost always frozen. At about $10 each it was adding up. I have been successfully fixing most of them for a few months now as long as they have both wheels intact. At $20 per grill it helps my pricing. I give them a...
  2. C

    Genesis caster upgrade at less than half the price

    The casters on my Genesis 320 finally bit the dust, which was a blessing in disguise. I was never pleased with the original small plastic casters - they seemed better suited for light-duty indoor application such as an office chair on a smooth floor. Also, I wasn't thrilled with shelling out...
  3. J

    Has anyone modded/upgraded Summit 400/600 series casters/wheels?

    I have a Summit 670 from 2012. I'd like to put upgraded casters or wheels on the grill so I can more easily move it around my patio. Has anyone taken this project on? If so please let me know what parts you used and how the project went. Pictures would be great too. If this has been...