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Would you like to win this Maverick Redi-Chek ET-733 Wireless BBQ & Meat Thermometer?

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Chris Allingham

Staff member
Hi folks,

I was cleaning out the TVWB supplies closet yesterday and came across this new-in-box, never used Maverick Redi-Chek ET-733 Wireless BBQ & Meat Thermometer. It was state of the art back in 2016 when I bought it for a website review that I never wrote! It consists of a base station receiver with LCD display and a wireless transmitter for two probes rated to 716*F. About a 300' range from transmitter to receiver under ideal conditions.

If you're interested in winning this wireless thermometer, just answer the poll question "Yes" to enter the drawing. I will draw a winner on January 15.


Bill Alan

New member
Love the Maverick's. Mine is an older model and on it's last leg. Thanks for the offer.
Bill in Nashville

Kevin L (NKY)

TVWBB Gold Member
I am in the se boat as Rich my 732 just died a honorable death. Hope this goes to a good home.
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Larry D.

TVWBB Gold Member
I retired in 2016 so this has sentimental value for me. Plus, it would replace my old, single-probe Maverick that itself replaced a Polder (remember those?) Thanks, Chris!

Eddie V

New member
My son introduced me to Smoking meat. He gave me a Webber Smokie Mountain to go along with my Webber 22. I have used it once on a Turkey and it out came out good.
I would love to have a Wireless BBQ & Meat Thermometer to help me become a great smoker!!


TVWBB Wizard
What my number was picked but it doesn't count cause I was generous. What I don't get the prize, And I go back to the bottom of the luck list...