Favorite things to cook sub 5 hrs

Kyle Ss

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These days I am all about getting in and getting out. It’s tough to do the all day and all night smokes so the 12 pound briskets and butts are out. Some stuff I have recently had great luck with getting done quick :

Smoked short ribs (cut individually)
Pork belly burnt ends
Hot and fast baby backs

Mostly go 250-300. But I need more ideas. So let me know what you have done in sub 5 hrs.


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Yesss beef ribs in any form. I did some short ribs this week. To quote somebody at BBQ Brethren, it's like brisket with a handle!
Roast beef
Chicken, spatchcocked for a faster and more even cook.

Also been wanting to try one of these "fatties" they're always talking about at BBQ Brethren
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Fred BW

Don't forget bacon. Bacon when it first comes off the smoker will melt in your mouth.
BLT's with bacon from the smoker are mighty tasty.

J Hasselberger

I do spareribs in 5 hours at 275 and wrapping in foil after 3 hours.
A rib cook is one of the great mysteries of barbecue. I have never had any luck wrapping in foil during the cook. I just did 3 racks of St Louis spares for 5 hours at 225°, unwrapped for the whole cook, water in the pan, post oak. Rested 30 minutes in foil in a cooler with towels. They were perfect.

Here is the last rib, reheated yesterday.

The last rib by Jeff Hasselberger, on Flickr



My wife likes her ribs fall off the bone and foil helps me get there.
Yup, me too
Little tug and bone is clean

It tends to destroy bark though
But glazing makes up for that if you like sticky ribs

However long it takes to reach 200, is how long it takes
4-6hrs is normal

The act of taking them off, wrapping, costs 30 min to an hr of cook time for me. More takes longer.
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Dustin Dorsey

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I can't believe no one has said "Fattie" yet. Just take some breakfast sausage and smoke it. I like to stuff mine with a mixture of cream cheese and cheddar.

Peter K

You want quick?

Pork tenderloin in the kettle-2 zone. Direct heat sear all the way around: 4-5 minutes tops. Move it to the indirect side. Close the lid for 18 minutes. DONE.

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After many years and sleepless nights tending fires I had enuff, bought a pellet smoker for most of the long cooks, its hard to enjoy a party when you are sleep deprived imo. food is good a little different flavor profile. It wont replace other styles of smoking but its another method imo. Still searching for the best meatloaf recipe , not a fan of tomatoe sauce and go with chunky salsa some times. Tweeking flavors with spices instead of relying on just smoke to flavor is a work in progress that wont ever stop.

RD Hauch

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Spareribs. I often cook a rack or two of spareribs in under 4 hours. I like to cook them while I brew a 5 gallon batch of beer.

Bob Walters

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Pork ribs. In the morning remove the membrane and give a light dusting of Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning and a heavy dusting of smoked paprika. Let them sit in the refrigerator until you're ready to cook.

I cook 'em at 300f for 3.5 hours. Turn them twice and give a little squirt of oil and vinegar mixed with some Worcestershire sauce and a little bit of Sriracha hot sauce. Depending on how they're doing, I sometimes turn the heat up high for the last 20 or 30 minutes. About half the time I give them a coat of BBQ sauce during the last 30 minutes and sometimes we eat them without sauce.

Take them off the grill, put them onto a cutting board, and cut them apart. No temp probe, no wrapping, no resting in a cooler, no fuss at all.

I'm getting old and lazy so making great food with minimum effort is important to me. The bonus is that these ribs are not only easy to cook, but they taste fantastic.

The next day strip the left over ribs and chop the meat for a Memphis style pork sandwich made with a bun, meat with a dollop of BBQ sauce, and a blob of mayonnaise based slaw; hot sauce to taste. Yummy.