Anybody have experience with these thermometers?


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This is what happens in the grilling offseason. I know a lot of you guys are out burning cow flesh and rehabbing grills in January, but up north, it is a lot harder to do both, which presents us a lot more time to goof off.

Richard in NS

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Got the ThermoPro TP15 yesterday and tested it last night on some chicken strips in the oven. Seems okay for a cheap no features therm that I am going to throw in the RV. The TP19 I ordered should be here Friday so hope to try it out on the weekend and report back. If I get dug out of the 22 inches of snow we got today by then.

Jon Tofte

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It was early darkness grilling on my Genesis Platinum. This grill gets hot faster than some, so it can be a little hard to gauge doneness by time (or sight in the dark). I do like fairly well done when cooking burgers, but I remembered I had my new TP-19H and ran inside to grab it and put it to another test. Good thing. It was time for these to come off!

Great tool. I agree 15 pages is enough, so this will be my last post about this thermometer. I do hope, though, Richard in NS will share pictures and experiences with the one he is getting.
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Jon Tofte

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I just saw on Amazon that you can now get the ThermoPro TP-19H thermometer I bought for $19.99 for only $16.99:cool:

I am so far VERY happy with mine. A pretty strong deal someone might want to jump on.
On one of the Weber Kettle Facebook groups, tons of folks posting how they got ThermoPro thermometers for Iike $0.43... Less than a dollar! Wish I had known about that coupon

Jon Tofte

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Well, if the ThermoPro TP-19H I got for $19.99 (Currently $18.99) doesn't suit you, and if the Thermapen MK4 at $99 still isn't rich enough for your blood, maybe you would want to try this Big Green Egg model I saw today at my local Ace Hardware:

Hey only $132.99 and they even throw in a case:eek:!


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Personally, I do think OXO has some great industrial design..... but at anywhere near that pricepoint, I'm buying Thermoworks products and never looking back.

Brian B Atlanta

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Well the reality is you don't need to spend 100 bucks for the Thermapen Mk4 either as they are on sale more than a few times a year. Chris usually posts when they are on sale in the buy and sell. I think my wife paid $79.95 for mine she got it for a gift but I found it because of Chris's posting it.