21.11# Rosh Hashanah smoked brisket coming up - Sat night overnight cook

Brett.....You got this.....no luck needed..
The swift vote of confidence. Thanks!

This one’s a Choice. My last 20# was a Prime which lopped off 4# fat. I’m planning for a light trim up on this guy and will make a stock for jus with the trimmings and probably render down some tallow too.

Thinking cook weight will be 18/18.5. I want to protect the flat a little more due to a possibly longer cook.

Budgeting an overnight cook of 13-14 hours. I’ll wrap after the stall, somewhere around 170-175°. The Signals will be my guide.

I’ll run 3 probes so I’ll know each section’s progress and run rate. I did this on my last whole packer and learned a lot on how a brisket absorbs heat over time.

250° target for 7-8 hours, the overnight and then 4-6 hours at 300° to finish to proper jiggle, 202°+.

Looking forward to a relaxing cook. I’ll likely dry brine with salt only, exposed in fridge, the night before. That really helps the beef flavor develop on these larger cuts.
I’d figure a full 24 hour cook maybe even 27! One long cook then a relaxed three hour rest before slicing! Mazel Tov!
I’ve never gone that long before. Maybe that’s stick burner run rate at 225°. I’ll run the smoke session overnight. And then wrap post-stall. Fingers crossed I’m not more than 15 hours. And that leaves me a 4-5 hour rest window.

And I like your Mazel Tov! Wish your Jewish friends a Shana Tovah and you’ll be the big macher this year. They’ll know you’re dialed in.
I did an 18# and it took 20 hours on the WSM. So, it’s something to keep in mind. Plan on the longer time and get the extra rest time on the back end. Shalom.
I did an 18# and it took 20 hours on the WSM. So, it’s something to keep in mind. Plan on the longer time and get the extra rest time on the back end. Shalom.
Yeah, my 18” WSM definitely took longer than the WSK. The thermal properties of the WSK are pretty amazing. All my LAS (not the airport) cooks take less time at the same cook temps.

I’m thinking a cook start time of 10p and a wrap by 6/7A. Target temp of 250°. Then to 300° after wrap to finish up. A 16 hour cook will get me done by 2p and then a 4 hour rest window, 6p.

Dinner start time is 6p so the brisket should be at the table all sliced by 645/7p (we call this Jewish time, where nothing is ever on time.)
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Same for you guys, Mark. I think I’ll throw down some kasha varnishes too. Need that with brisket. I’m just programmed that way 😁 and with those sour garlics I made. I’ll be set.
I’m going to have try to make those pickles. I used to be able to get Nathan’s half sour pickles but not anymore.
Trimmed up the brisket which is a Choice this time instead of Prime. I decided to leave more fat cap on and only took off around 2.25# of fat and 1.25# of meat trim.

Using the meat trim to make a jus as one of the side dishes goes really well with jus.

Salted both sides to dry brine and left in fridge exposed for around 10 hours.

Will hit the S6 around 10p tonight.



Cooktop jus slowly working.

Some matbucha (a Moroccan tomato, jalapeños, Serrano and garlic salsa) slow stewed to concentrate all the flavors.



A basic whole chicken only stock. Now being reduced. Simply, a whole chicken placed in salted water, where the water’s brought to a boil and then the chicken goes in and simmers for 70 mins until breast is 165°. Kind of like a steeped chicken. This way the chicken isn’t boiled and still has flavor and the stock has chicken flavor. The stock will become a soup tomorrow with mirepoix and some fresh dill. Likely going to make matzo balls or a chicken noodle soup. TBD


And the jus has dramatically improved. The beef is almost fork tender. So I know this brisket is going to be good from the advanced tasting I got when making the jus. Wine will go in later to reduce and then finish the jus. Lots of flavor here. Mirepoix, shallots, salt, pepper, tomato paste and seared beef and some beef fat.

Jus is done. Added wine and reduced. In the fridge now. Matbucha done and in the fridge.

Chicken liver patè coming up


Sautéed extra onions so I have for the kasha varnishkes.


Coals are set up. Running CA white oak, 2 chunks and Pecan, 2 chunks and finished with a bunch of Mesquite chips across the top and in the KFPros.


Some bacon paper towels as my starters. Works every time.


New camera shows the flames 🔥 off real nice.


Rolling some smoke to get to 225° and will then add the big fatty.

And we’re on the S6 around 20 mins ahead of schedule. That’s a first.

Rubbed with SP and very little G, with G on the fat cap only.


Beauty shots of the rub



Turkey tray on isolating foil balls all atop a foil wrapped deflector with AJ in the pan. Around 1.5” worth. Just to regulate temps on the overnight and add some additional flavor and aroma.


Probably the last shot before i head to bed. Going to make sure the S6 is stable before I head off the the night. Plan is to check the Signals around 6/630A and see if I’m out of the stall. Target wrap temp is 173° or so. All depends how big fatty absorbs heat.