1. K

    Summit rotisserie questions

    I have a Weber Summit 470, want to try a rotisserie chicken for the first time, and have a few questions: 1. What setting should I set the IR rotisserie burner to and for what part of the total cooking time should it be on? I've been watching YouTube videos of cooking rotisserie chickens and...
  2. C

    Gas Grill Burner Orientation-Does It Matter?

    Back in the day I had a Weber Genesis 1100 (the red Home Depot special). Over 20 years I cooked literally thousands of meals on that grill with great success. The three burners ran side-to-side, which allowed for great indirect cooking using a rotisserie. Eventually, I replaced that grill...
  3. D

    Rotisserie Ham

    Hi All, Hope 2023 is being good to you! Decided it was time for a new BBQ challenge so picked up the weber rotisserie for the 22 inch kettle. First mission is trying to perfect the rotisserie ham with crispy skin. Following the methods that most people are using, (salt the skin, high heat...
  4. Grant Cunningham

    Anyone actually wear out a rotisserie motor?

    At this moment I have a chicken on the rotisserie inside my Genesis 3000. I couldn't get the bird balanced on the spit very well, so there's definitely a slightly heavy side — which means the motor has to work a little harder. (Full disclosure: my rotisserie isn't a Weber — it's an Amazon...
  5. Joe Anshien

    Sienna saves the chicken

    Rick Poch got me motivated to do a jerk chicken with Walkerswood jerk paste: I bought the paste and marinated it 2 nights ago. I decided to do it on the rotisserie I put together on the Broilmaster. Just as I got everything set up the thunderstorm...
  6. J Grotz

    A Couple of Cajun Bandit rotisserie Cooks: Chicken and Boneless Leg of Lamb

    I was gifted a CB roti by my wonderful wife. So far I have used it on two cooks. The first cook was a pair of chickens with drip pan potatoes (not pictured) on the lower cooking grate with no water pan. Everything was delicious. However, the 22 is a big cooker that uses a lot of fuel so I wanted...
  7. C

    Universal Rotisserie on a Silver B

    Has anyone here had any luck or experience using a universal rotisserie on a Silver B? I am looking at the Char-Broil universal rotisserie from Lowe’s and just looking for some feedback before I bite the bullet. Also trying to save a little $$ if possible.
  8. C

    Two 6.5lb Turkey Breasts on a Rotissirie

    Anyone have a great weight and time recommendation for Preparing and cooking two 6.5lb Turkey Breasts on the Rotissirie? I have a 6 burner BULL BBQ Grill? Thanks! New Member BTW
  9. J

    Questions about rotisserie on the WSM

    I’m planning to get the Cajun Bandit rotisserie kit for the WSM 22.5. A few questions: Is the only difference between these two offerings the heat resistant handle and $30?
  10. L

    Rotis kit for Q300/Q320 Q3200?

    Weber accessory from Germany. Not available here. Complete kit. Used very little. Includes the motor and spindle. I no longer have that particular grill. 100$
  11. D

    Southern Yankee Rotisserie Smoker - HM Controlled

    Here is my Southern Yankee Rotisserie Smoker re-fabrication project for the last 3 months. It has been rewarding and challenging but will be completed when I connect the meat temp probes and heat probe to the rotisserie. The fan works great I attached it to a tube that spans the length of the...
  12. K

    Mini WSM Cajun Bandit Rotisserie...great little traveler.

    Had to take Mothers Day cook on the road so the mini came along for the ride. I love this little cooker. We used it to spin up a rack of pork with a half pair of OctoForks I wish we had brought more racks to cook...plenty of room for more. Juiciest tastiest pork chops ever, So addicting...
  13. Michael C.

    First time spinning a bird

    With Spring here, it's time to get back to smoking and grilling! First time spinning a bird on my Onlyfire brand Rotisserie. I rub the bird with canola oil, then heavy with Island Spice herb rub. I used two chucks of Maple wood for smoke and let her turn. It smelled great while cooking. Once off...
  14. P

    Rotisserie for restored Genesis grills?

    Quick question: Where are the threads and/or pointers to rotisseries that fit the old Weber Genesis? I recently picked up an old RedHead (Looks similar to the photo below, but not the fancy platinum badging). My wife may let me keep it, if I can prove to her that it will work as our rotisserie...
  15. Michael C.

    1st time Onlyfire Rotisserie kettle kit Tri tip

    Weber charges $149 for their Rotisserie it, too much money me. Back in Dec, I bought the Onlyfire 22-1/2 Rotisserie kettle kit for $79.99 on Amazon. For the last several months, I've been hit with storm after storm, rain and snow, I haven't been able to grill much. Today, the weather was nice...
  16. R

    Rotisserie ring question

    Has anyone purchased on of these units? I would want to use it on my WSM and Jumbo Joe. It's a pretty good price. The reviews are good on Amazon but not sure about Amazon reviews...
  17. P

    Weber coffee roaster

    When Weber introduced the fine mesh rotisserie basket in Europe, they talked about using it for popcorn, fries, and root vegetables... but I saw it as a coffee roaster. I was about to MacGyver together something to roast coffee, but this was cheaper and a bit more professional looking. It's also...
  18. Dan Godwin

    Performer's maiden voyage

    Purchased a new to me performer tonight for $100 including a rotisserie. I had been waiting for a redhead performer or master touch to pop up in the area, but the deal was too good to pass up. I didn't have any propane to use the gas assist, so I used the chimney that came with my 18"...
  19. Dave from Denver

    Rotisserie turkey or don't sweat the technique

    I made a 15 lb bird for a client's holiday party. Used LarryR's maple bourbon brine for 24 hours as usual. Got the silver C set up at 8am and I left to take my son to school. Got home at 8:30 to start a ham on my mini (sorry not pictured). The genesis was 300 degrees with only the front...
  20. F

    Rotisserie Thermometers recommendations ?

    Looking to see if anyone has recommendations for remote thermometers for a rotisserie. I tried the Maverick-ET-75 (the only one i know of specifically for rotisseries ), Unfortunately, the probe is only rated for....get this...410 degrees. They do offer a hight heat probe, but its not...