rib eye

  1. BenM

    Hand-cut Steaks and Rib Eye Burgers

    8/25/22 Good morning all. These are hand-cut, top-round steaks that were cooked over the WSM last night. The burgers were made from the trimmings of some rib-eye steaks I cut a few weeks back. Needless to say, they were the best burgers I have ever made. I paired the whole meal with this...
  2. Jim Lampe

    last grillin' of the year

    two 1.65 lb club steaks are the victims... about 1¼" thick and 10 inches long sat at room temps for 2 hours then EVOO'd and seasoned with Oakridge BBQ Santa Maria Seasoning... minced gaaaalic was also pressed into action there. a little holiday rhum on the side in case the brew froze up in...
  3. Ivson Passos Jr

    Prime Rib Stakes on Charcoal

    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to share with you the wonderful experience that I had grilling two very nice Prime Rib stakes on my OTG. I seasoned them with EVOO, rock salt and black pepper 30 minutes before cooking. I used a mixture of briquettes and lump for fuel. Cooked them for 4 minutes on...
  4. Jim Lampe

    Join The CLUB Steaks

    picked up some nice pork steaks today from my favourite meat source and while there, added two large Rib Eye Steaks to the basket. seasoned them with a good dose of Oakridge BBQ Black OPS Brisket Rub Lordy, believe me when I tell ya this is the REAL DEAL! And I have this place to thank and...
  5. Paul Kastner

    Steak its what is for dinner

    Here they are Rib Eyes from Sam's Club with the red tag. Steak for sale!!! Room temp and A1 dry rub garlic and pepper. On the gasser Down the stretch them come!! Boring Salad with Balsamic Vinegrette Resting First Bite for all of you. Thanks for stopping by.
  6. Jim Lampe

    Wonderful Rib Eyes!

    Friday night (and today) was quite windy... did not think i'd be grillin' in that wind... but I did;) two decent size boneless rib eyes... seasoned them with EVOO & Oakridge BBQ BLACK OPS Rub (Thank you Bob Correll!) I then poured another beverage from a local brewery nevermind that...
  7. russ olin

    Dry age rub eye's

    After we saw Bill Schultz's post on dry ageing meat we had to give it a try. Last week the wife picked up some nice rib eye's from the local meat place. Dry aged them for 5 days. So Bill do these look right? After they sat out for a hour we seasoned them up. The one on the left is S&P with...
  8. D

    Did not plan my day well. How to keep rib eye to serve later.

    I thought I would try smoking my first rib eye roast today. It finished about 2 hours earlier then planned. Guests don't arrive for about another 2 hrs. What would be the best way hold the meat? I know when I do butts I wrap and put in cooler. Can I do this with a rib eye then crisp the...