restored genesis 1000-5000

  1. David Kitterman

    Hello form Indiana

    Just started a '97 1000 rehab. Is the frame powder coated or painted. If powder - epoxy, urethane? Seems like it must be powder.
  2. Joe Wasserman

    Joe's Weber Genesis 1000 Restoration

    Hi all. Needed a new grill and decided to restore an old one that looked like the one my Dad had back in the day. The new ones just don't do it for me. It's taken me about 3 months working on the grill for an hour or so at a time. Definitely under estimated how much time it would take, but work...
  3. A

    Weber Genesis 3100 Restoration

    Hey everyone. After reading up on this forum I've been itching to pick up a weber genesis to restore and got my hands on a 3100 from the late 90s that I'll use as my project over the summer. There are a ton of resources online, so Im set for the most part, but there are two things I'd like to...
  4. Steve Hoch

    There's no turning back now...

    I started taking my grill apart today. As you all know, it's a pain. For some reason I cannot get a socket or anything else on the bolt holding the fire box in. Annoying, because I'm pretty sure the nut inside the box will turn.
  5. FilippoC

    Genesis 1000 Blue restoration

    Hi All! I’m very impressed from a lot of restoration that I saw in this forum. I bought and old Weber genesis 1000 in Blu for less than 100€ and now I’m dig in a restoration project ( for sure I would not reach levels that I saw 😢). Apart from the huge amount of grease inside the box it look...
  6. SClark

    Heirloom Redhead Genesis 2000 Restoration

    My dad was getting rid of the Weber that he's had for as far back as I can remember, so of course I said I would take it. It's lived in a screened in porch so hasn't seen as harsh weather as it otherwise might have but there is definitely still some work to do. According to the serial number...
  7. M

    Genesis 5000 / back to live

    and some other details ... I really excited and can't wait till the end
  8. Chris-Epyegghead

    CHRIS R. Genesis 1000/1100 Redhead Restoration

    Hello all, I'm joining the church of Genesis as a convert from lowly Dynaglo maddness. I've been ogling all these mid-90s restoration threads while looking out for a good candidate to give a face lift. A redhead Genesis ~97 1000/1100 popped and I was quick enough to pick it up Sunday. Starting...
  9. J

    Red Grill

    I just finished this beauty. This is my 5th restore ☺️♨️
  10. A

    Hi. I LOVE getting free grills on CL

    Hi everyone. First post here! I discovered this forum a few years ago when I found an old red-top Genesis 2000 on my local Craigslist (Denver) and decided to pick it up. The grill was $40, and it came with 2 propane tanks, one of which was totally full. Following some inspiration on here, I...
  11. DanJC

    (Finally) Finished My First Restoration -- Black Genesis 2000

    Less than a year ago I was searching for a new grill, browsing Reddit boards and had decided on a Broil King over a new Weber. However, you can't actually find BK's locally, so in further research somehow I ended up on this forum and discovered the glory of vintage Weber grills. Within a week I...
  12. JessyStLouis

    1999 Genesis 1100 restore

    This one was my first project , buy it for 80$ and was listed * old bbq * on my local market . I want to share with you the process and if i have any question or if you got any suggestion or trick for me ! First i got one question about the panel and knobs . The panel is faded a little . The...
  13. T

    Weber Genesis Redhead 1100 Restoration Newbie

    Happy Friday Everyone, After months of reading through all the awesome restorations threads I finally came across a Weber Genesis 1100 for free on Offerup near me in San Diego. Unfortunately, I can't make out the serial on the sticker but i can faintly make out the model # 214111. Currently...
  14. A

    Finally finished my Genesis 2000

    It took about 2 months of working on it on the weekends, but she’s finally finished. Couldn’t have done it without all the help on this forum. Had a local guy sandblast the end caps and firebox. Firebox sprayed with Stove bright Satin. End caps sprayed with rustoleum ultra. All hardware...
  15. K

    Genesis 1000 rebuild/restoration

    time for my once a decade post, and this one is fitting because it goes all the way back to the origins of my connection to this bulletin board! Chris and I worked together many, many years ago, and during the earliest days of the Virtual Weber Bullet and the bulletin board, I got a brand new...
  16. Rick W

    Genesis 1100 rehab

    This was a quick one that I need to do for my step son. He wanted a small gas grill, preferably NG and black. I picked this up at a junk dealer for $20. It seemed solid as far as the frame. No serious rust. Had an LP manifold and was missing some of the shelves. But I had a vision and some...
  17. R

    Genesis 1000 Restore | Green 1998

    I just recently completed my first restoration of a Weber, specifically this 1998 Genesis 1000. It was something that I never realized that I wanted to do until I saw this thing sitting on craigslist. It was a really fun project to do, something to tinker with for a while, especially during this...
  18. MatthewS

    My 1997 Genesis 1000 Restoration.

    My dad had a boxy red Weber when I was a kid. He still has it. Through my desire to find "buy it for life" items for our home that I can care for, and that will take care of me, I found that the older Webers are as good as it gets. I started with a Green 1999 Spirit that I thought I would...
  19. _Branden_

    Weber Genesis 1000 Resto Mod

    Greetings all. I stumbled on this forum the other day after searching for parts to start my new project. I am glad I found you guys because I have learned a lot about this old grill in all the great rebuild threads. I had been wanting to do a project like this for awhile and I found the perfect...
  20. R

    Genesis 1000 Rebuild

    Thought I'd start a thread on my latest grill. I would guess that most of you wouldn't even mess with a grill like this, but they are so rare around here that I went ahead with it even though I doubt I'll get my money back on it. Grill was a rust bucket... The cross member by the firebox-...