pork chops

  1. B

    Flame-thrown Pork Chops

    After a week of sub-zero temperatures and wind chills (and probably too much time perusing this very forum), there is no better way to celebrate a high of 42°F than to break out the Weber! Or maybe I was just looking for an excuse to break out the SearPro torch I got for Christmas. Either way...
  2. BenM

    Great Sale on Pork Chops & St. Louis Spare Ribs at Costco

    For those who are beat a Costco...I just picked up a 3-pack of ribs and 12 oork chops for $35 and $18 respectively.
  3. Tony R

    New Pork Chops

    Did another cook inspired by Jerome D. http://tvwbb.com/showthread.php?48199-Vietnamese-Pork-Chops Vietnamese pork chops were on the menu tonight. Marinated for 24 hours. I followed the recipe that Jerome posted. I must say it was delicious. My kids and Maribel loved it. Didn't take much...
  4. Jim Lampe

    Pig Wrapped in Pig

    Boneless Pig Chops Wrapped In Smoked Pig Belly Slices Then Seasoned With Pig Salt SW BBQ Rub Trekked Out To The Pigvilion On A Wet & Cold Wednesday Night Got The Pig On The CIGs On A 22"OneTouchGold Weber... A Little Apple Wood For Flavour While Those Simmered, Checked On The...
  5. Sheila Cochran

    Balsamic glazed chops

    Decided to try the Weber balsamic glazed pork chop recipe tonight…on the Performer. Recipe link: http://www.weber.com/recipes/pork/brined-pork-chops-with-balsamic-glaze-and-grilled-potato-fries Lighting her up: Chops prepped: and getting their sear on: and finally plated with hearty...
  6. Jim Lampe

    Oktober Feasts

    last Monday was my doublenickel bday so I celebrated with Oktoberfest bratwurst and bier the butcher shoppe I bought the brats from treats their bday customers with a free bacon-wrapped filet and no scrawny filet either, that thing was over 1 pound. brats on filet on brats done...
  7. J

    Pork Chops with Sweet Baby Ray doctored up sauce

    Ok ladies and gents. Bought some nice looking pork chops. Brined them to make everyone happy and juicy. Using combo of RO lump and Kingsford Comp. I have not had pork chops with barbecue sauce in a long time. After eating these, I think I will have to add this to our rotation. Using my...
  8. Dwain Pannell

    This ain't your daddy's porkchops

    SWMBO and I went to Costco and picked up a jumbo pack of inch and a quarter loin chops. We divided it into three porkchop vac packs. I dry brined a pack while I got a chimney of RO fired up. I found a recipe to get a TBS of oil in a skillet rocket hot and then place the porkchops in it for 3...
  9. T

    Huge taste difference between heritage pork breeds and grocery store pork

    Huge difference in taste of Berkshire Ribs vs Swift Last week I made my first of which will likely be many pilgrimages to a small town west of Madison WI called Black Earth (we live in Milwaukee a good 2 hours away). There is a butcher called Black Earth Meats that was featured on a public...
  10. Sean H

    All-grilled dinner: Pork chops, CIS potatoes, romaine, and asparagus

    I had the urge to do an all-in-one-kettle dinner, so I came up with this as the menu: Pork chops Cast-iron skillet potatoes Grilled romaine Roasted asparagus I fired up the trusty OTS, and led with the potatoes: After a little while, the pork chops wanted in on the action, too. I...