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Thread: First Ever Full Packer

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    TVWBB 1-Star Olympian Rich Dahl's Avatar
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    First Ever Full Packer

    Smoke day was a success for us, first time smoking a full packer.
    We used Chris A. high heat method which worked fantastic.
    The 18.5 was sure stuffed with a 12 pound brisket in it. I ran a stead 365 for the whole cook.
    For lunch Barb made some sailboat deviled eggs and poppers. She also made here Mac & Cole slaw salad as a side. I made my version of Cliff’s root beer beans as a side.
    The brisket came out very good considering that it was in the freezer for three days shy of a year. Very tender and tasty. Smoke was pecan and apple with dizzy pig raging river rub.
    Hope everyone had a great Smoke Day, we sure did.

    Whitney on guard duty

    Egg McRich with brisket, super good.
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    Excellent brisket, Rich. Everything looks great!
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    Textbook looking brisket, well done Rich and Barb
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    TVWBB Guru Rusty James's Avatar
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    Thanks for posting that link, Rich. I must try this one day soon.

    Please PM a slice to me, lol.
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    Most impressive Rich, happy MDW to you and your bride
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    914 is your WSM so clean?!?!

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    TVWBB Guru Pat G's Avatar
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    Nice looking brisket Rich, and the sides look great too.
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    You nailed that brisket! Love the sides. Smoke Day 13 will be proud.
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    Very nice Rich & Barb. Great job on your first whole packer. It all looks really guud.
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    TVWBB 1-Star Olympian Bob Correll's Avatar
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    Congrats on your beautiful SD 13 cook you two!

    as a side note, my lawyer will be contacting yours about using the name Egg McRich.

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