You know you're getting old when...


T Gabriel

You know you are old when the only way to get good waffles is to use one of these.
I do have two of them. Part of the cast iron stock on hand.


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Timothy F. Lewis

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Yeah Rich, that $0.19 gas was even pumped for you while someone checked oil and washed the windshield, and for fifty cents he’d bring you a pack of cigarettes!


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Questions for our younger members.
Are they putting jar lids on tighter than they used to?
Also, are the pull ring can lids harder to open than before?
Boy, am I soo glad you asked this question. I have one.

Does anyone else find it hard to open your pill RX? These new fangled child proof lids are also Joan proof. The pharmacist kept saying "JUST TURN THEM OVER." You have to get the darn things open FIRST before you can turn them over. :mad: