You know you're getting old when...


Rich Dahl

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Thanks Rich, just ordered one on Amazon and it comes with a gizmo for popping tin lids with rings. I had looked at them before but wasn't sure if the worked very well.
Bob, it works pretty well. I have arteritis in both wrists and it does take a lot of the pressure off opening jars and such.
My problem with the pull off tops isn't getting the ring up it's peeling the lid back, that really hurts the wrists. If it doesn't come off on the first tug I get a pair of pliers to pull on the ring.


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The home phone # was something you learned at an early age. Ours was LAmbert 5-7354 (LA5-7354).
I seem to recall we had a "party line" at one of the houses I lived in. We moved a lot and I don't' think I even knew the phone number when I lived there, much less now.

Bob Bailey

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Ours was LOmbard 6-9684. One of the neighbor girls would call and ask for my sister and then hang up several times a day. Mom got POed and had the number changed to, Lombard 6-7245. This was in the late '50s.
I remember visiting my grandfather, who lived in a small town in Iowa. Their phone #s were only 3 digits, and all party lines (3 parties/number). IIRC, you dialed the number, the operator (essentially a PBX operator) came on the line and asked who you were calling and then rang the party line either 1, 2 or 3 times to designate which party the call was for. Even better, anyone on the party line could listen in.

Bob Bailey

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You're definitely getting old if you remember the Selective Service.

Anyone still remember their number. Mine was 44048212. Funny how us old fogies can remember things from several decades ago, but not what happened 3 hours ago.