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If I bbq this boneless beef roast weighing around 5 lbs in my WSM 18” at around a 250F temperature how many hours before reaching an internal temperature of around 200F?


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Top of my head says around seven, no scientific rational but, that’s where my mind goes.
Why such a high internal? Maybe a better question is what is the cut? If it’s an eye of round, I kind of get it but, I really don’t know.
Kind of eye of round and thanx for recommendation.
You can do eye of round to lower internal temp for sliced roast beef, or to higher internal temp for shredding. It is lean and may dry out a bit, but you can rehydrate with cooking juices or thin BBQ sauce.

Please post pics of your finished product!
What DuaneMac says.
Eye of round is called Silverside/Topside here. A lean cut, not something I would use to go to 200IT. It will be really dry.

I would cook it at around 320F to an internal temp of 125-130 then have sliced roast beef. (This is my preferred doneness. YMMV). Cooking time? 25 minutes / lb + 25 minutes for medium. (+/- 3hrs). A lower cooking temp will extend your cooking time.
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I decided this Beef Roast was too time consuming this day to bbq on my WSM with my limited energy so pulled out our trusty Crockpot and result was more than satisfactory for some tasty sandwiches! Many thanx to those Forum Members that replied to this thread.


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