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Gerry,I think that no matter where you purchase your WSM,it comes with a cover. I got mine as an award from work,and it came with the cover.
As long as you buy a "new" unopened WSM they all come with a cover from the factory.

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Gerry, Amazon usually prints the exact contents of your purchase in the product description area.
I guess you can use the same stuff on the cover's seams that you use to waterproof tent seams, but I just turn the stack section upside down to keep the water out.
Not my idea, got this from camping-- make your own seam sealant by mixing silicone glue/sealant with paint thinner/mineral spirits until it is the right consistency. Brush on the seams with a small foam brush. I did this on my WSM cover and am pleased with the results.

I just bought a Kamodo Joe waterproof cover (classic Joe size) and it fits more than easily over my 22.5 WSM with the hinge. Extends past the air vents and nearly to the ground, even with the casters I put on the legs. It's alsmot too big where the wind would be a concern, but there is a drawstring at the bottom to secure. Wasn't cheap at $60, but is a quality cover it seems.
Update a year later. Even at $60, the Kamodo Joe cover lets some water in, but not nearly as bad as the cover that comes with the smoker. I keep my smoker outside on the patio 100% of the time, so I ended up just grabbing some of our big can liners at work to put under the KJ cover.
I must have been lucky, my 18.5 WSM came with a cover which seems to be water/snow proof. The WSM sits out on our deck year around exposed to whatever nature throws at it, and the cover has done a great job keeping water out and no mold forming. The cover is the original that Weber supplied with the smoker. I'm very happy with the performance of the cover.
Both my 2003 18.5 and my 2015 22" , that I purchased new from Amazon , came with a cover.

Be sure and access your Amazon purchase from the link on front page of this site, helps Chris and the site.
When I had my 18.8" WSM, the weber cover that came with the smoker lasted only a few years. I just covered the smoker with a large yard debris bag (large plastic trash bag). They kept the smoker completely dry, and kept the dust off. They were long enough that I could tuck the ends of the bag under the legs of the WSM and it was TOTALY covered. Not as flashy as the weber or other covers, but a lot cheaper, and I knew it was keeping the smoker dry from top to bottom.
I have a few of these "classic accessory" brand covers

I have three of their Veranda series and one Montlake. I cannot speak to their durability because my oldest one is only 18 months old but thus far I am well-pleased. And they are rather stylish. I have not thoroughly read their warranty but they claim to offer the "easiest warranty in the industry."

I don't know how their online pricing with this coupon compares to, say, Amazon but it may be worth exploring:
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Yes, here are mine. One on the Akorn is less than 2 years old, but seems to be holding up fine thus far, though you can see the color has faded slightly. Kettle and WSM just purchased this year. Now just need to make me a nicer table than that plastic fold-up!


Add another vote for the Classic Accessories covers. I have two (one on a kettle, one on a WSM) and have been very pleased with them.