WSM Cover

I've got a Classic Accessories Ravenna cover for my Genesis 1000 and my Kettle. They don't make a Ravenna that fits the 22.5. I wound up going with the weber one. The new style is of a thinner material, but it seems to be holding up better than the old one. It seems to breath and seems to be more water resistant. It also doesn't get brittle in the cold.
I am mystified by that; for the plethora of covers they produce this does not make any sense.

I know. They do make another type that will fit it. I had already bought the other 2 and would prefer one that matched. Maybe by the time my WSM cover wears out again, but it's going strong for now.
Another vote for Classic Accessories covers. I use the Hickory Heavy Duty ones and they have held up well. They are able to handle the twenties below zero weather much better than most others. And don't freeze up solid like most that then become stiff as a board.