WORDLE - the latest thing

Poor first choice here too. Another of those guess the right letter word.

Wordle 262 4/6

I switch around my starting word. I play the "hard mode" rules, so I use the known letters in my second guess. The only time I use a new word is like today when I get zero hits with the first. Seems to work OK as I am 50 and 0 with the majority being 4's. I even have four 2's which I consider pure luck.
My starting word is " ounce " , then my second word is " trail " ......... I can almost always solve with the third word.

I like, and am going to try, this idea.

I usually adapt my second word depending on the results I get from the first. So if ADIEU turns up an A, then I might go ROAST for the second (using the good A but then also checking the frequent ROST letters).

But I could see that the odds might be better if you don't use the A but instead use the second word to get the max letter elimination. So use something like STROP or FROST as the second word and ignore the A for now.