WORDLE - the latest thing

I recently switched over to using three start words before trying to solve. The process of elimination method is pretty powerful.

My best streak is 53 in a row.

Still playing too.

My goal is to solve it everyday fast. Not to solve in the fewest guesses. My best streak is 115 in a row.

Maybe longer since the NYT restarts your streak count if you miss a day but don’t get one wrong.
Always start with sport and adieu.
Hit it in 2 2 days in a row, that was fun.
My stats always look like someone giving the middle finger.
I stopped playing for a couple months but it’s great game.
I play it daily and compete with my wife.
We also compete. This past week she's got me on a new one called connections. It's also a NYT game. I've played it a few times, definitely different and worth a play. Not sure I'll keep going but time will tell.