Which accessories should I start with for 22" weber kettle



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Hey folks.
I was wondering if there are any suggested accessories to get for my new 22" kettle. I thought I would get some advice from the community.
I have been thinking about getting one of the two:

- slow n seer, the deluxe one.
- vortex cooker

There are a lot of interesting accessories that look interesting that I would explore picking up in the future.
For now though, I thought maybe one of the two (maybe I just grab both? :) ) would be good to start with.

Cooking wise, I expect to be cooking quite a bit of the following:

- ribs
- chicken thighs, wings, legs, breast
- veggies (we need our greens!) :)

Thanks for the feedback!
You have baskets of course, if you’re feeling extravagant, get a rotisserie! You will not regret it! I have the stock Weber one but, if I were to do it again, I’d get the Cajun Bandit unit.
The Vortex will give you some amazing results for really high heat stuff, Kettle fried chicken, wings, searing over the “cone of thermonuclear heat” is great! Get the Vortex from Owens, I’m not affiliated with them in any way just, an extremely satisfied customer!
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Unless you are itching to spend some $$$, I recommend waiting until after you've cooked all the stuff you've mentioned with the stock items that came with your kettle and see how it goes. You can always add, but you may find you didn't really need those things to get the desired results you seek.
You can also get creative with the placement of the baskets or go with the "snake method" to churn out some great BBQ without the added cost.
I agree wholeheartedly with Richard S, learn your grill first. I’ve been HEAVY grilling since 2018, when I discovered a chimney starter after years of disappointing results and a long hiatus after using lightning fluid….

I just this year bought an accessory, the Weber heat controller, basically their version of the vortex. I’ve got one cook with it, chicken, and I must say crisping the chicken over it was very nice indeed.

Well, I did buy the Weber rotisserie a couple years ago, but that’s more for a style and result not so much an aid.

I would suggest using what you have. Your Master Touch should have come with two baskets, which are ok but not great, but they work. Use those, you can put two flat side together in the middle to create a vortex-like experience, or both on opposite sides which is especially handy with a roti, or even move both to one side for two zone. I understand the desire to jump right in with fancy toys but often those toys bring an alteration to how you cook. It’s certainly good to have some moles under your belt so you know how to adjust. My suggestion.
I would get a thermometer.......
If I could only afford 1 accessory, it would be the S&S with the removable water tray....deluxe maybe it's called.
I wouldn't know what to do without it.....I can mimic vortex cooks without it.....I do have one but rarely use it.
I agree on the SNS. I like the options if offers but also keeps the coal in place to get a full burn. Foiling the open coal grate side keeps things clean. The drip n griddle looks nice but I don’t have one of those yet.
1. Chimney starter
2. Elevated grill rack. I posted my setup on your other thread.
3. Leave in thermometer. I have the thermometer works smoke.

I use the grill baskets when needed.

Most importantly learn what you have and figure out what you need. You should watch YouTube videos to see what others use.
I have never cooked on a kettle - I'm a gasser. However, I think the original question is a bit flawed and Richard S. has the soundest answer. You don't necessarily need accessories unless they help your cooking in some significant way that justifies buying them and keeping them around. Try the kettle as designed and see how it goes. After that, if you see a need for an accessory, ask that question.
Jason - I think you should live out your avatar, chop stuff up, flip it around (especially with some seafood) and throw it on your kettle. There are a lot of cool accessories out there but it's hard to say which ones are "the best". I've used a bunch of them, and see pros and cons of each. I've also used "snake method" and "bank method" and Weber's charcoal baskets all with good results. The Weber Kettle is so versatile.. so many different ways to use it and "optimize"