What's the price of gas where you live?

Costco's down to $4.39! I don't know why I'm happy - still over $60 to fill up. 😕
It was over a buck cheaper at my local Sam's Club. $4.799 and yesterday afternoon when there is usually a 1/4 mile long line....................maybe 4 cars total in the entire station. Go figure
My mom usually fills up at the Fas Fuel at Bell School and Harrison (a location that Larry but possibly no one else recognizes). Last week she visited her sister up here in Milton, WI and saved $1.10/gal.

Around here it seems to be mostly around $3.85-3.90, although I heard today that it was $3.69 in Oregon, WI. I was up in the Northwoods last week and it was around $4.25 in Hayward and close to $4.40 in some of the really small towns like Cable.
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Funny the variance of price. I paid $3.55 here in VA. About 1/2 the stations where around $3.5x and 1/2 where about 40 -50 cents more.
Our prices here in Canada are slowly falling....
Prices fall from $2.10 per Liter and they say going down this weekend again to under $1.60 a Liter.

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Filled up on the way home from Reno yesterday at $4.759 for regular unleaded. About 3 cents higher here in Fallon.