What's the price of gas where you live?


Andy Kaminski

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A few weeks ago I was driving up to Washington from California.
I needed gas near Roseburg.
So I pull off the freeway and pass the chevron which advertised gas at $4.69 and go to the Arco since Arco is cheaper.
I notice that there was no price advertised and asked for a fill up.
You can’t pump your own gas in Oregon but it’s normally way cheaper because of the lack of taxes.
A couple seconds later I asked what the price was and the pump jockey said it’s right there and points to the fine print 6 feet away from me.
I get closer to read it and it says $6.69 per gallon for regular.
I ask if that was the real price and the dude sheepishly says yes.
I firmly say stop right now.
That place way trying to rip me off.
I figured if I pass the first major brand at the exit (that chevron) and go a hundred yards to the Arco it would be cheaper.
With my 12 gallon tank I just saved $24 that place tried to shyst me out of.
I had been driving on the road for about 8-9 hours and this sure woke me up.

Andy Kaminski

TVWBB Super Fan
Most places in Sequim Washington are right at $4.99 with the discount places like Costco and Safeway at $4.65 -$4.75.
Out further in the boonies $5.25 is common.
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Daryl S

Here in Vancouver Canada, our gas prices have fallen from the peak $2.32/litre( x 3.78) = $8.76/gal
down to $1.95/litre ( x 3.78) = $7.37/gal

Diesel is currently down to $2.19/litre ( x 3.78) = $8.27/gal


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Diesel here still about $5.30 (so cutting my grass is expensive LOL), but gas down to $3.549 at our Costco.
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