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What is everyone's favorite charcoal?



Good input! Thanks!
I have used Kingsford blue bag.
B&B Char-logs, Fogo Super Premium, Blues Hog Lump, these were all good.
Big Green Egg Lump, wasn't too impressed by that one.


I tried a bag of lump 1 time on my performer, it spit cinders all over my food, after a few cooks with the same results I used it in my offset smoker, I stick with briquets and don't often try different brands, never any match light in 20+ years the best I can remember, a propane torch or a electric heat rod to light. hickory bark for flavor

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
KBB usually but, there were no decent deals on it this year. Costco was running a deal on Kingsford Competition so, I tried some and I like it a lot, burns well, a little less ash, I’ll stock up on more next time it goes on sale.

Darryl - swazies

TVWBB Wizard
This kind of thread seems to be most popular, I haven't been around for too long but have seen quite a few of them.
Jealous Devil lump is my fav.
Recently tried the green egg premium hickory. I liked it, gets nice and hot but lots of small pieces in my first bag I picked up.
There was a point I thought FOGO was going to be the best, used it last night to start a fire and it crackled and popped like crazy.
Jealous Devil for sure, but the pieces are pretty big to get lit so I usually start with something that has smaller pieces.
I keep about 5 different kinds of charcoal around.


Trying different brands is kind of expensive but I like to separate fact from marketing. I tried a generic briquette years ago, it had gravel in it!☹️