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Hi folks,
2 weeks ago i've joined your Weber-family with my WSM, which is perfect, by the way. I want to express gratitude to people were helping me with making the decision once again. Maybe you'll laugh at me, but... I've put an eye on grilling now. Yes, i am serious lol Weber Smokey Mountain exceeded all my expectations and it's just a must-have device, as for me. Yesterday i was falling asleep when i come up with a thought that i must try to grill medium-rare pork steak :D
I'd like to ask you, are Weber's grills as good as their smokers are, but i won't, because i know the answer. I just ask you to recommend me one of them, you like.
I think about gas or charcoal ones. I excluded electric grills out of my list, because of my husband's bad experience... His brother's family got one, and they are not satisfied with the taste and a specific smell. They had Char-Broil, btw.
I hope, you aren't fed up with my fullish questions and there are some who'll help ;)

MikeS in Alaska

I used a 22 inch kettle (charcoal) for years before I got a Genesis Silver B almost 20 years ago.

Still have and use both. The gas is handy for a quick steak in the depth of winter but I do like cooking over coals.

A kettle will cost less but gas can be down right handy at times. Cruise craigslist and similar places for used Weber grills in your area.

Timothy F. Lewis

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You are right you know the answer! Now that we have established the facts that the Weber kettle is probably the most versatile outdoor cooking design ever it remains to be seen what size will suit your needs.
I have “most” of the sizes (no Summit, 26”, nor Ranch but, will always be willing to add) and, by far I use my 22” the most.
That is the size my dad bought when I was maybe twelve and since that was the default size at home, I learned all techniques on that. My brother had an 18 and it worked fine for two but when the boys came on the scene with youthful healthy appetites, he stepped up to the 22.
The set up in my avatar is based on an almost 28 year old (pre) performer frame that I had a custom table built for to install the second (18”) kettle with hinged lid.
If I were looking for a kettle today, it would be a 22”, they make just about everything accessory wise for it and it will feed a big party once you learn the tricks. If space allows, I’d get a performer the table is invaluable!
You might consider looking on Craigslist, good deals can be found there often.
And yes, pork steaks done indirect on the kettle are a go to around here!
Have I confused you enough ?


To me it's a gas Genesis east/west 3 burner for bad weather (I don't have a covered area to cook in), or when I don't have time to start up the charcoal which adds 20-30 min. Being just outside Springfield MA I find I use the gasser more in the winter, being retired and having the time, I use the kettle most the rest of the year for it's better taste and indirect abilities. No experience with the newer north/south burner grills. I use a 22" charcoal burner with the ash bowl under it when I have the time, better taste and better indirect. Also have an 18" kettle but find it too restricting, hence the new to me 22" Performer. I also have the WSM.

I'd suggest the 3 burner Genesis, having the extra side burner or searing burner is up to you, I've had no use for them so far. I'd go with an open cart in black enamel.

A 22" kettle, either the Master Touch series or the Performer if you prefer to go for the taste of charcoal over the ease of use of the gasser.


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That's funny... I'm often thinking of grilling or smoking as I'm falling asleep :). If you get a Kettle and keep dreaming-up ideas you might even want a Santa Maria attachment someday :D. This one is from

We are happy you're enjoying your WSM!


Welcome to the forums! There are a bunch of us here in the Boston area. Myself, I got started with the Weber 1000 gas grill in 1999 and came upon this site for info to repair it. Since then, I've picked up another 1000, a Smokey Mountain, and a Kettle grill, all free on Freecycle/Facebook. It's a good hobby!

Rich Dahl

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With ten Weber's I've had a lot of fun in my grilling and smoking experiences. If you have the room an east/west three burner gasser is a great addition especially if you want to get a rotisserie some day. If you don't know what East/west is it's the way the burners run. East/west grills will have the burner controls on the side of the grill. The north/south they will be on the front of the grill. They haven't made E/W grills in quite awhile, so you would have to look for a used genesis or a silver B or even a spirt.
If charcoal is your game than a performer or a 22.5 kettle would be a good choice. The performer has the table and I would get the model with the gas assist to light your charcoal, makes using charcoal almost as easy as using a gas grill.
Welcome to the forum, It's a great place to learn and hang out.

Timothy F. Lewis

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My gasser is behind the car in the garage so, unless I make the time to swap spots, it’s the kettle that will get used most. It’s one trip out to light, one to spread coals and set grate, then preheat followed by product placement. I tend to do things which don't require much close attention. Roasts done indirect are still the go to when it’s cold.

Robert McGee

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The charcoal grill is my choice. I made a mistake when I got back into grills after a several year layoff (many years ago). I bought a 22" Weber kettle. By the time I added the needed table and a couple of other small additions, I could of had a much better Performer. So, I recommend that you get a 22" Performer. This is a superb grille and is very easy to operate with the nice, large attached table. This is a 20 year piece of equipment. You might want to check Craig's List. People move around a lot these days and you can often find a Performer for a decent price (much less than new). Plus, end of season a couple of years ago, I found a floor model for $50.00 (Weber went to the present day steel table and sold out the remaining stock with plastic tables). Keep in mind, the Performer, even at list price, is a deal. When you consider it will last 20 years without issue.

I buy charcoal (Kingsford Original) when on holiday sale, for an excellent price, again saving money in the long rum. There is NO argument that a good charcoal grill produces EXCELLENT food. There is no better combination than a Weber Smoker and a Performer.

Enjoy whichever you choose!


Richard in NS

Gwen, welcome aboard! I don’t use charcoal much during the winter as it means more trips outside so the gasser suffices. It is not so much the cold but the wet snow and slush that I hate and I know you can get that too in Boston. I started with a Genesis with North/South burners and then got Genesis Silver C with E/W for rotisserie and what a huge difference. If you are going charcoal then a 22” as mentioned by others is a great place to start. So think about when and what you want to use it for and go from there. Whatever you choose, I am sure you will enjoy it!

Hope this helps,


Michael Iron

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The first thing that jumps at me is the Med Rare for pork chops (steaks). You still need to take pork to 145° no matter what so it more Medium. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Like my pork chops at least 1.5" thick same as my steaks. Brine them for 4-5 hours and brine includes herbs that I grow and maple sugar. Not syrup, sugar. The real stuff.

And yes that is the juices from the resting without basting or anything added after the cooking started.

When my oldest son moved out I offered to buy him a Genesis as he only cooks with gas. He told me that he didn't want me to spend the money on a Weber and bought a Char Broil at the local big box store. After 3 years he ended up moving to Boston to chase the dollar. Cambridge actually. When I went over with my truck to help him move I took the saws-all. Because I knew what was going to the dump, which included his grill.

You are correct, if I took all the money that I spent on other grills and smokers over the years and would have spent it on Weber's I would be money ahead by now.

Charcoal gives a complex taste that gas can not reproduce on the grill IMO. Like several others have suggested gas is easier in the winter and I use the Genesis often then. Have 3 propane tanks for it so I will never run out of propane. They are all currently empty but will be filling them up this week. Doesn't really get cold in Boston compared to the coldest State in CONUS. Used coals is my first thought and disposal in Boston. Not a problem here I have enough land to get rid of them. You already have a WSM so apparently disposal of used coals is not an issue for you.

Just my youngest son and I now so use the 18" Jumbo Joe often.

But for grilling steaks of any type like the 2 zone system with lifted grates. I grill 3-5 times a week all year. And like my capsteaks over most other proteins. Not in agreement with the 600° sear optimal temp thing, if you are going to sear then sear.

Have 3 22" Kettles and use them a lot. And also an older E330 Gasser which I use, mainly in the winter but I am talking well below zero.

But the gasser has its place.

One thing about Weber are the options available. My kitchen oven died at the end of last month and the $2,500 replacement has not come in yet. But I have enough grills including the gasser that I have enough "ovens" available to me. As for the turkey I prefer it on a spinning stick. Because all poultry taste better on a stick.

On a Weber kettle

Or Weber gasser

Or even the WSM with Cajun Bandit roti directly over coals.

Overall for grilling my favorite is the 22" Weber kettle. And it has a lot of options.

Vortex on the 22" kettle makes the best chicken wings ever.

Especially for Bills games. And will be doing wings on the kettle with the Vortex when the Bills play the Pats next time, you can count on it :cool:

Lew Newby

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If you like Rotisserie Chicken then you might consider a grill that will accommodate one. This hobby has a tendency to grow. 22.5" Kettle or a gasser will do that.

Somehow I missed Michael's post. Now that's an in depth answer worth thinking on. If you can get the Performer with gas assist the table comes in very handy. Down here we see them on Craigslist at great prices but if you get a new one you have a color choice..
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One more time again Weber community meets me with open arms :eek: Thank you all!
First of all, I want to say that you are awesome.
As I can see, most of you prefer charcoal grills, I think that this is the most natural way to grill. As for me, I decided to purchase a gas grill for now. Maybe one day I become a pro and take charcoal grill, but now I'm a little bit scared about "too much to do" when you have one. I took a closer look at gas grills.
I've put an eye on these 2 models, i like both Weber Spirit E-210 and Weber Q1200. The first one looks very reliable and I believe that this model will serve me faithfully if I choose it, but maybe there is a sense to take Q-series? What do you think about this one? It's compact and it won't take much place. The main thing I'm afraid of, that there is too little place for grilling. What do you reckon?

That's funny... I'm often thinking of grilling or smoking as I'm falling asleep :). If you get a Kettle and keep dreaming-up ideas you might even want a Santa Maria attachment someday :D. This one is from

We are happy you're enjoying your WSM!
Looks brilliantly!
Special thanks to Michael Iron for great photos! They made me hungry;)

Timothy F. Lewis

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Making that decision is a big choice and highly personal. I started with charcoal so, I’m much more fluent in that methodology, I’ve had lots of great fun learning more about the use of gas. It has its strong points as well.
I got very lucky and snagged a 1997 maroon top Genesis 1200 which was structurally strong but, needed some TLC. I got it for $20 and put maybe $250 in everything from new burners, grates, igniter, flavorizer bars, and elbow grease in it. The best part about the restoration was getting to know the people here who have vast founts of knowledge and share it so freely!
That has been fun, I’ve met several members and all those meetings begin with handshakes and big smiles, what might be a quick handoff of a part and a few bucks becomes a forty minute chat about how to do something or “what did YOU grill/smoke last night?”
I guess my point is get what you will use, no one grill will do it all but, I think you might get more versatility from the “Spirit”, I don’t have one of those but, size limits might be a consideration.
Glad that you are having fun!


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Honestly if you're considering a Q unless you have a space issue go Q3xxx. Way more versatile grill than any other Q (you can even buy a rotisserie for them), LOTS of grilling space in a compact design. IMO much better space than the small Spirit. Truthfully though if you can find someone like a Bruce in your area that does rebuilds on the older and FAR superior to anything new Weber makes I would go that route. Otherwise truly give the Q3xxx hard consideration

Rich Dahl

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Larry is spot on about the older Weber's, that's why I have three of them a 1998 Genesis 1000 now converted to a 2000 I bought new in 1998. a 1998 skyline and a 1985 Genesis 2 which was the first year of Weber gassers. Truly great grills and parts are still readily available.

Stefan H

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Gwen, welcome to the forum here. I use both. Gas and charcoal. If you want to go with a new gas grill I would choose the 2019 or newer models of the Spirit II or Genesis II since they have the 10 year warranty. However if you or your husband are a handy you may want to consider an older gas grill such as a Silver/Gold B/C prior to 2006. Lots of folks here including me love these old warriors. Not as shiny and modern but simple, robust and work great. Cheap to find and cheap to fix up. As mentioned above parts are readily available. You can find a used grill for next to nothing and with some elbow grease, some paint and about $100 to $150 in parts you have a new grill again which will last for many more years.
If space is really a concern the Q1200 is also a great grill. I also have a Q1200 which is very versatile. And it gets very hot for its size. The only limitation you have is that cannot do good indirect grilling since this grill only has one burner. Target had them on sale a few weeks ago. I have seen the black Q1200 for around $140 in our Target stores. But what I also like is that you can get them in all kind of colors.
There are some great videos out there from a youtuber called: Fire escape griller. He used a Q1200 on a fire escape in NYC for many years.
This grill is very compact and uses little space. You can use the original Weber cart or build your own stand.