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Over on the BBQ Brethren they are reporting that Weber Charcoal has been discontinued. They have supposedly confirmed this with the CEO's assistant and have started an e-mail campaign trying to get them to change their minds. Reports are the CEO's assistant is upset about it too because she thinks it's the best charcoal on the market and uses it personally, so she's collecting e-mails and forwarding them on to her boss.

I just finally got a few bags to try and used it for the first time last night before I even saw the news. I was actually impressed with the charcoal and thought it seemed to burn hotter and cleaner than KBB.

I apologize if this is old news or posted in the wrong section. I tried searching, but terms like Weber and charcoal seem to catch a few just a few results here ;)
It's news to me. I think Weber charcoal is great. They initially had the price too high. A buck a pound is pretty rough, especially during the heyday of the KBB sales. Now that the KBB sales are pretty lackluster, the price disparity isn't as great. We've also seen the rise of more premium charcoal brands like Fogo and Jealous Devil. A lot of people didn't realize how good the Weber was until places started to liquidate it. I still have 2 bags myself.
Wow I went thru that thread quite a heated discussion over charcoal.

I love the stuff still got 18 bags left from the HD blowout but I will be honest not sure I ever would have paid the $18.99 a bag then or now. Dustin makes a good point about the KBB sales at the time kind of made the price of the Weber even worse but now not so much. I really wonder except people like us knew Weber even sold charcoal once it disappeared from the big box stores.
Maybe confirms they won't go after the M-B gravity feed market? That was right up their alley.
I bought a couple of bags from Home Depot a few weeks ago, and they were $19.99 with free shipping. I usually pay $14.99 so that felt steep, but it burns so nicely, I dealt with it.

I just tried the new (to me) Royal Oak Hardwood Briquettes. The bag was really small, but it burned decently. Seemed to burn really hot though.
Somebody was making that charcoal for Weber, right? How is it they aren't just going to make it and rebrand it?
It is the best charcoal ive seen

$20 was way too much

Its frickin charcoal.

$ would sell all day

KBB is garbage. It stinks to high heaven when lighting. I've got to come in and take a shower and change my clothes. I do not understsnd the love for it by some.

Unfortunately, the $$$ grill movement, has created a market that only basically uses lump. Theres stores around me that don't even sell briquettes. But a dozen brands of lump.

Fine for grilling, not for prolonged even cooking. And pellet poopers dominate smoker market. So yeah, briquettes are kind of getting hard to find decent ones.
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I wanted a bag of Weber charcoal for a particular cook I'm planning and I found one last bag at a local Ace Hardware for something like $22. I swallowed hard and bought it. Now maybe it's a collector's item? :D It's a shame, it's a good product and performed well vs. KBB.
Chris, I need to show my wife your post. Honey you know those 18 bags of Weber charcoal we have in the garage and basement, they are a collector's item. She knows what I paid for them her answer would most likely be sell them. :)
Collector's item hmmm. I have one bag of Weber charcoal if anyone has a nice clean "K" code 65-66 mustang fastback they would like to trade for it let me know.
I have a baker's dozen. Think that will be enough to trade for one of those original McLaren three seaters? It doesn't even have to be the Senna special edition.
KBB is garbage. It stinks to high heaven when lighting. I've got to come in and take a shower and change my clothes. I do not understsnd the love for it by some.
To each his own. Long ago, I realized it doesn't matter what KBB smells like when it lights, what matters is how food tastes after cooking, and for most of us, there's no negative impact on flavor. To be fair, it smells less today than 15 years ago because every time they've tweaked the formula over the years they keep replacing coal with more wood char.

With the way KBB didn't really go on super-sale this year at Lowe's or HD, that end of season deal at Costco for Kingsford Professional 36lbs for $14.99 is looking sweeter and sweeter. And it's just wood char + starch.

Some folks are gravitating towards Jealous Devil Maxxx XL Briquets. Online it's 20 lbs for $31.95! I wonder what people are paying for it at retail stores?
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Ive tried a couple bags of Bayou Classic recently grilling on the kettle. Nice plain large hardwood/starch briquettes. No bad smells/smoke lighting.

Have not tried it on wsm.

Unfortunately......before its even all lit in disentagrates when poured onto grill grate. It completely falls apart. Shame. Something definitely wrong there.