We just bought an air fryer - do you have one?


John K BBQ

We just bought an air fryer... it just arrived today and we've done some Ore Rida crispy crowns and frozen pot stickers. The plan is for the kids to use it, but I'll probably use it some for brussels sprouts, roasted potatoes and whatever else I can think of to make getting dinner on the table a little easier. Seems like the kids might really like putting some Tyson chicken strips in there. I'm pretty excited to put some chicken wings in there and see if my 17 year old son likes them.

Do you have an air fryer? If so, what to you like to use it for? Is there anything I should avoid cooking in it?


I got a Ninja monstrosity the other day; air fry, pressure cook, etc.

Same as you - just putz around with some fries and ravioli so far. The ravioli were good but a little over cooked. Fresh (not frozen) bagged ravioli, spread on some olive oil, fine bread crumbs, and cheese on top.

Avoid ice cream, : ) . Chicken wings would be good, lots of veggies too. Anything that can hold up to high heat like asparagus, brussels sprouts.

Bob Bailey

A friend gave us one a few years ago. After using it 2 or 3 times it just sat around, so gave it to our daughter.

Bob Correll

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Ours is smallish at 2.6 quarts and we use it a lot.
Fries of course, from frozen or fast food leftover. Hot dogs, taquitos, roasted or baked potatoes, chicken thighs, hard cooked eggs, and pretty much anything that needs warming up. I've also used it to cook sprouts and broccoli.
Saves heating up the oven, which has a convection setting we rarely use.


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We love our air fryer. Makes excellent French Fries, cooks veggies perfectly and it cooks chicken breasts better than the BBQ. The first one we got was a top loader and really noisy. We learned that the best ones load from the front and then the next most important thing is quiet operations. Our second one is silent and that's wonderful

Mark Foreman

I love air fryers. When my Gowise 5.8qt died (not reliable), I got a Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven. Love it! It the TOA-65. We use it way more than the oven as there is only 2 of us.


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We have this one.
We like that it folds up and saves counter space.
Air fried breaded pork chops are great. Takes like 10 mins. I buy the Louisiana air fry breading for pork. They make one for chicken also.

Cee El

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We have two. I use the Ninja bottom loader one for frozen foods like fries, onion rings, chicken strips, etc. The latest one we bought I’ve done salmon, burgers, bacon, chicken, and it makes great baked potatoes.

Lew Newby

A couple of years ago our toaster died so we got the Cuisinart like Mark's, but older, and it does a good job but I love it when toasting English Muffins and Bagels. I can check the color through the window and pull them when I get the color I want. Confession - I love gadgets. :D

Bob Correll

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Ours Ninja Foodi XL gets good use and has a variety of cooking options. If I recall correctly, I think I learned from @Bob Correll how to do hard cooked eggs in via air fry.
Possible. My wife hard cooks jumbo eggs in ours, cold from fridge, 260F for 20 minutes.
Smaller eggs need to cook for less time. Plunge in ice water when done.

Rick Poch

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We have one and use it on occasion. Takes up a lot of space, but we store it in the shed. We mainly do different types of taters and tots in it. Boneless pork chops and hot dogs are good too. Not sure that I'd use it for any batter-coated food. For Buffalo style wings, we use our oil-fryer. I've never tried wings, or fish, in the airless, but I don't imagine that they'd be as good as they are in the oil fryer.

Michael Smotch

We love ours and use ot more than normal oven. Has All the bells and whistles

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