Vortex Wings Never Fail


TVWBB Wizard
I woke up thinking I'd make slow cooker BBQ chicken but discovered we're very low on white meat. Found these vac sealed from July 2018 and gave them a cold water thaw. Dusted with Owens BBQ Buffalo Wing, used the Vortex muscle power, and now they're gone. I haven't used charcoal since September; this cook immediately took me back in time to what is for me a coveted aroma.




My hope is everyone has an enjoyable, safe, stress-free weekend!

Brad Olson

TVWBB Wizard
Those wings look nice and crispy...was there warm sauce and blue cheese for dipping?

I was thinking about wings when I was shopping yesterday, so naturally I couldn't find any.


TVWBB Wizard
I just fill a chimney to the brim and once I see the top briquettes starting to ash I dump the load into the vortex and 5 minutes later I place the wings skin side up, thicker edge toward the Vortex (though I don't actually know if there's much temperature variance). I feel ashamed when others post their pics who flip midway through the cook but I just let them ride 35-40 minutes and moments before the end I insert the stock gourmet grate, then move 3 wings at a time over the Vortex, then immediately flip, then immediately pull them. So that's probably 5-7 seconds for each side directly over the fire.

I ate mine dry this time but my son made his own concoction. I'm at that age where sometimes I can't tolerate sauce :cry:

Thanks for the comments! You guys run circles around me with your awesome cooks.

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
I don’t flip either, Fletch! The heat is intense and even in mine, I just don’t see the need. I tend to use the “leftover” coals in the baskets on the bottom of the vortex and use about 3/4 of a chimney and light that sitting in the top, dump as you do, wait about five, scrape and load. 40 minutes later, I’m happily indulging on nice crisp wings!