Venison sausage, mushroom, egg McBob


Bob Correll

R.I.P. 3/31/2022
Dusted off the old sausage making kit.

Stuffed some 2 day seasoned/cured ground venison sausage.

On the bullet with a little Stubb's briqs and sugar maple wood.

Ran 150 for a couple of hours, then bumped up to 200.
Added coals as needed during the cook.
It took about 7 hours to reach 160 internal.

This morning I re-hydrated some morels.


Sliced a few pieces of sausage:

And made my breakfast.

A treat for my girl.

Gorgeous! Love that sausage kit.

PS: I like the new signature. I'm not sure how new it actually is, but it's the first time I noticed. :p
They look great, but I'd be concerned cooking at 150 for a couple hours, that's a perfect environment to grow bacteria
Great looking sausage Bob. I see some hanging strings attached, you going to hang'em for
a bit further dry them out? It really intensifies the flavor when you dry them.

PS: Would you STOP already with the morel posts, you driving me mad. Heading to our place up
north this weekeend. I will be out in the woods hunting, doubt they are up yet though :( Im hoping
the ramps are up.
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Bob, ask me if I enjoyed my cold ceral for breakfast after seeing that wonderful creation of yours, better yet don't ask.
You can open a shop with sausages, Bob. Venison sausage looks absolutely perfect. (this recipe is also from your old cookbook?)
And your breakfasts... Awesome my friend, awesome!!!
Love that version of the Egg Mcbob and I 2nd the new signature. The jerk is one of the best Steve Martin movies ever.
dust ME off Bob, i'll eet one of those now Famous McBob Breakfast Treats!
Your sausage looks PERFECT!!