We went for something different this year. A turk-chetta ala Kenji. It's just the wife and I, so it was fun to try something new. It came out great. If we do it again I will pull a little earlier. Served with stuffing muffins, cranberries and Brussels sprouts with delicata squash. Cheers y'all. IMG20231122201325.jpgIMG20231122202833.jpgIMG20231123165840.jpgIMG20231123191924.jpgIMG_20231123_195120_01.jpeg
Esplain me more on this “etta” you have going on here, please. As usual, your plate looks fabulous.
Thanks for the kind words. After thinking about it, I suppose you guys are correct on the roulade. I guess two things had me going that way. One being that Kenji called it that and I have learned more about actual cooking from the food lab than any other source. And two, when we make porchetta now we don't bother with the loin. It's probably something with my process but all I end up with is dry pork in the middle. The meat was scored and skin was scraped and reattached so I guess it's some type of weird hybrid. But it was good eats!
We have banana trees but what you're seeing is mostly the live oaks. They grow in the craziest ways down here. They are definitely unique.
The turkey looked fantastic, but I was also going to comment on the trees in your backyard! I like trees about the same as I do bbq and when you have both in the backyard it's pretty amazing!