Tuesday night wings

Great looking color on the skin! I think hot wings are now on the menu for this weekend...
Wings are my second favorite to eat, bacon taking top spot. Your wings look great
Damn! Every time I think I know what I want, someone throws me a curve! Now, after getting all tuned up for a brisket for the weekend, I have a serious jones for wings!
Damned enablers! I guess I know what I am picking up at the store tomorrow!! They will be great appetizers for my birthday feast!
That's a think of beauty, Michael. On what temp did you cook these ones?

With no water in the pan, all vents wide open, it stay's solid at 250F, I set my timer for 45 minutes, then I check on the wings. Sometimes I have to move the wings on the edge to the center, and vice versa. Thanks everybody for your kind comments.