wsm 14.5

  1. JDillard

    14.5 FB Marketplace Find $20

    I found a pretty sweet deal on FB Marketplace. The person I bought it from evidently cleans out storage lockers and then sells the forgotten items. I the smoker was listed for $25 and I was able to bring her home for $20. Here is a pic of the new WSM with some bacon wrapped Oreos from this weekend.
  2. P

    14.5” - 101

    I need a lil 101 on operating the 14.5”. I started out smoking with a 14.5” 5 years ago, then a year in switched to a BGE but I always loved the taste of the meats that’s come outta my little bullet and want to get back into it and use it more often. An issue I always had was reloading coal. Do...
  3. P

    10.24lb ham on 14.5 WSM

    Cookin a 10.24 lb ham in my 14.5” WSM. I’m Runnin about 275-300°. How often should I add more coal? Using kingsford professional. Started with a full basket with 7-8’coals dumped on from my chimney.
  4. J Robb

    Got my first WSM!

    Picked it up on Craigslist a couple weeks ago. Will hopefully try it out over the weekend. It’s in great condition, I think it’s only about a year old. It already has a friend :-)
  5. Michael C.

    Tuesday night wings

    I was craving some wings, stopped by the store and bought some seasoned hot wings. Used the Weber 14.5" mine me smoker, Mix of apple and hickory wood. Simple yet tasty!!!! IMG_0310 by flyboymlc, on Flickr IMG_0311 by flyboymlc, on Flickr IMG_0313 by flyboymlc, on Flickr IMG_0316 by...
  6. Michael C.

    Sticking lid, how to clean it?

    My 14.5" is well seasoned now, the lid sticks a lot. How or what is the best way to clean it around the lid and the main body? It's a great little smoker, I use it a Lot!!! Thanks for your help? IMG_4375 by flyboymlc, on Flickr IMG_4374 by flyboymlc, on Flickr IMG_4372 by flyboymlc, on...
  7. Michael C.

    Turkey on the WSM 14.5" smoker Guava smoked

    I bought a turkey around 11 lbs and smoked it on the 14.5" smoker using Guava wood from Hawaii. The turkey barely fit on the top grate. It was very chilly outside, I ran it with all vents open no water in the pan. It took roughly 3hrs to get the bird up to 165F, then rested loosely with foil...
  8. Michael C.

    Wings on the 14.5 WSM Peach wood

    My local Stator Brother's store has wings on sale again, I picked up some tonight on the way home from work. I decided to just get the Savory Sweet Chili wings, which I liked the last time. I really like this little Mini Me Smoker, works so well. I used peach wood, it makes the skin looks dark...
  9. C

    Hi from northwest GA

    My wife got me a 14.5" WSM the other day. I was going to trade it in for an Akorn, but decided to keep it after reading about Harry Soo. A guy at work is a big fan of the Akorn so that's all I ever heard about. I think I'll like the WSM a lot. I also have a weber kettle. I got it a couple of...
  10. J

    WSM 14.5 Modificatin v 14.5.1

    I purchased a 3" River Country (RC-T3W) Adjustable Professional BBQ, Grill, Smoker Thermometer (50 to 550F). Drilled the appropriate sized hole and replaced my factory Thermometer with it. I also purchased 2x Brk8129236S Brinkmann Nonstick Rib Racks in order to make 4 Racks of Ribs(cut into...
  11. J

    Hello From NorCal up here in Humboldt County

    After doing some research on this site I decided to return my Traeger Junior Elite to Costco and purchase a Weber 711001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 14-Inch Charcoal Smoker through Amazon. I figured why not register and begin my journey with the people who helped me make what I believe will one of...
  12. A

    Ribs Cooked Quickly? Will They Overcook?

    Smoking some beef short ribs on my WSM 14,5" (with a candy thermometer in grommet). Lid temp around 235°F, middle temp around 225°F(107°C), for three hours so far. After two hours, instant read in meat indicated close to 170°F(74°C). An hour later, poked everywhere and the lowest temp was over...
  13. A


    Might have overfilled my charcoal bowl. Did a Minion method with a full bowl… and a full chimney. Several coals spilled around the bowl, into the bottom part of the smoker. I probably shouldn't worry, but I do wonder what effect it might have. For one thing, it was a bit difficult to fit the...
  14. A

    Inaugural Cook

    Didn’t realize this was the subforum for galleries. Posted my first one in the “new WSM owner” subforum. Also blogged it. Short version…
  15. A

    Documenting my First Cook (1 of 2)

    Haven’t been using an actual log, but did keep fairly detailed notes and took lots of pictures. Here are some of them, serving as a kind of pictorial documentation of my inaugural cook in a WSM 14.5".
  16. A

    Low Temp and Food Amount?

    Did a first cook in my shiny (!) new WSM 14.5, yesterday. About 3 lbs. chicken thighs and about 2 lbs. drumsticks. Only a quart of 208ºF water in the pan. Used the Minion method with the charcoal bowl half-full of Kingsford briquettes and a half-chimney of Basques lump. The smoker remained...
  17. A

    Allô from Gattawa, Qc/ON

    Howdy, Got my 14.5" Bullet, a couple of days ago, as a birthday gift from my amazing partner (she knows me well), and as an upgrade from a Cheapo Offset Smoker. What a difference it makes! I’m a French-speaking ethnographer from Montreal, now residing in Hull, Qc. Hull is part of Gatineau...
  18. Rob M

    WSM 14.5 Has Joined The Family

    My local Ace hardware guy called and his shipment of 14.5 WSM's arrived yesterday. I picked Jr. up in the afternoon and brought him home for assembly. I have attached a few photos of how it was packed and what is included. It is smaller than expected but just perfect for 2 people cooks since it...