Today at Costco


Bob Correll

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Today, 09/17/2020, at our Costco after getting our flu shot.
Gasoline $1.64 gallon.
Prime packer briskets, sign said $3.49/lb., most of them were marked $3.39/lb.
The only meat we bought was 83/17 ground beef for $2.99/lb. and these bone in chuck short ribs for $7.99/lb.
A little over a year later gas is $3.09, Prime packer briskets are $5.99/lb, pork belly $3.99/lb. and ground beef is $3.89/lb. There was only 2 packers in the case, other meat and cuts seemed well stocked.
Ground beef is the only meat purchased, even though I'm not liking the lean to fat ratio that's now 88/12. I prefer no leaner than 80/20. Should make good chili and meatloaf though.

Chris Allingham

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A little over a year later gas is $3.09
Gas prices hit a pandemic low in April/May 2020 due to decreased demand. I can't find Arnold, MO on Gas Buddy, but in pre-pandemic St Louis on 10/29/19, gas was $2.35. By May 2020, it was down to $1.66. Today it's $3.22.

This too shall pass. Lest we forget, in March 2012 gas was $3.98 in St. Louis.
I was just at Costco an hour ago. Plenty of USDA Prime brisket at $5.99 This one was almost 23 lbs but I passed on it.


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Timothy F. Lewis

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There was one prime brisket when I was there this afternoon, maybe a dozen choice. No room at the inn right now at pretty much any price so, I’m just waiting.

Jim Lampe

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$4.29 lb for a whole Prime brisket in New Berlin, Wisconsin (Milwaukee suburb) on October 29th, 2021.

$2.95 per gallon of gasoline at the same Costco.

Rich Dahl

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Gas here is $3.39 per gallon. Fortunately we don't drive much anymore 3100 miles combined for both cars last year. Sometimes the Hyundai Santa Fe sits in the garage two weeks or more at a time. The 4runner gets used the most Barb drives it back and forth to work which is only six miles RT.

Brian Thomas

Went to Costco on Fri. They now have fresh turkeys (butterball hens and toms) in stock. Price is the usual $0.99/lb. They had plenty in stock and they weren't getting snatched up by any means. Only saw a few customers pick one up. I think most realize that T-Giving is still a good week and a half away so no need to get a fresh turkey until next week.

The one thing that really stood out was this: Limit 5.

Why in the heck would anyone need 5 fresh turkeys? o_O

John K BBQ

All I could find at our mega mart was 14 to 15 pounders in the freezer. I went ahead and bought a frozen bird. I'm going to move it from the freezer to the fridge this coming Friday or Saturday. My plan is 72 or more hrs thaw, spatchcock, 24 hours brine, towel dry, then 24 hurs in the fridge on a dryer rack.. then on to the E6 for a 325 to 350 indirect roast with a little pecan smoke.