The Stuffed Burger Challenge

I know I'm violating Challenge protocols here, but my next few weekends look like they're going to be quite busy, so even though I haven't been nominated, I felt compelled to proactively accept The Challenge and do a preemptive stuffed burger submission since I had some spare time today. My entry is nowhere near as creative as what the other nominees have posted so far, but here it is...the cheese-steak stuffed burger.

Started off by sautéing some diced peppers and onions. Next, the onion/pepper mixture and some pieces of provolone were stuffed into a patty of ground chuck.

The cook was done on the old red Performer using Basques sugar maple lump charcoal as the fuel. The burgers were indirect grilled with the lid on until an internal temperature of 115°F, seared direct over the coals until 130°F, and topped with some more provolone.

The burgers were served on a brioche bun, topped with leftover onions & peppers, as well as some banana peppers. This was the first time I've ever made a stuffed burger, but the family enjoyed them, so I'm sure I'll be experimenting more in the future. Thanks for checking out the photos, I hope everyone had a good weekend!
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The level of culinary talent at TVWBB never ceases to amaze me. Many awesome cooks on this thread so far, so I decided to throw out my praise in a single post instead of replying individually.

@Bill Schultz: While batting leadoff, you smashed a 500' homerun out of the ballpark. Those ABT stuffed burgers leave me speechless. Nice touch with the oval shaped patties for the ciabatta bread.

@James Lake: A burger stuffed with cheese, roasted peppers, potato chips, bacon, and then topped with even more bacon in the form of a weave?! Mind blowing. Sign me up!

@Clint: Two very impressive entries. I wouldn't be able to decide between the cheddar/bacon one or the spinach/feta one, so I'll just have to take a plate of both. Those cutaway photos of the stuffing oozing out of the patty have me drooling.

@Jason Noble: Wow, a reuben burger. I love reubens and I love burgers, so the math definitely adds up for me on this one! And then a big ol' pile of sauerkraut on top? Count me in.

@JimK: My mother-in-law makes a baked brie with apples that I really enjoy, so your burger has some sentimental value for me. A masterpiece of a stuffed burger.

@Brian Dahl: Now that's some serious it! Phenomenal technique and presentation. All that seafood in your burger must have made for a terrific combination of textures and flavors.
Jerome - that is one good looking burger. If you hadn't said it was your first - I would have thought you had been doing them for years...


Amazing cheese steak burger, Jerome. I'm a huge fan of cheesesteaks and will most certainly be trying this one.
Larry R - you've been called out!
I'm in! will try and fit it in this weekend. My standard go to burgers are pretty basic, garlic burgers with my secret ingredient, ice water). This will be a great challenge getting me out of my comfort zone. Looking forward to it.
Larry R needs to make the Pac 12 roundball tournament championship burger for the UTES!
Ha! Love it. Vegas is a great place to live this time of year, we have Pac 12, Mountain West, WAC and West Coast tournaments going on. Already have tickets for the Pac 12 tourney. Go UTES!
Brian you went way out on this one and it looks fantastic. Never would have thought of Crab Stuffed Tuna burger in my wildness dreams, this was amazing.
Thanks for the compliment and I am returning one to you Jerome, outstanding Burger with a perfect combo, well done my friend
Jerome, I don't think I would call it breaking protocol... more like grillin' outside the kettle? That doesn't sound right - but you know what I mean! And your burger looks so-o-o good.
Mushrooms Burgers

Home-ground beef - 250 grams/burger
Stuffed - butter, onions and mushrooms 10 minutes in the pan, dusty with flour, seasoned salt and pepper
Sprinkled with cheese - Grana Padano









Mildo checks in with a classic entry, perfectly executed. Those burgers look like they came right out of a commercial for a high end restaurant. Excellent job my friend! Don't forget to issue your challenge...


Thanks guys. I have a suggestion for two other candidates. They are Europeans. Enrico, does great things and Daniel Wolgast, I want him to wake up from hibernation. I hope that Mr. Bob Correll agree:confused:
Excellent choices Mildo - lets see what happens when we bring some Continental flair to the party. Well gentlemen - show us what you've got!


Beautiful burgers, Mildo - and I'm sure they tasted even better than they look!

Who are the lucky folks who got to eat those beauties?