The Stuffed Burger Challenge

Thanks guys. I have a suggestion for two other candidates. They are Europeans. Enrico, does great things and Daniel Wolgast, I want him to wake up from hibernation. I hope that Mr. Bob Correll agree:confused:
Could not agree more Mildo, hope DW and Enrico jump in.

As my fill-in, I must say that you made the burgers exactly like I would have.:p
Maybe a touch better. :rolleyes:

All the entries look excellent!!
Stuffed burger fail

Our intentions were to make the stuff burgers and we failed. :(

It's all started with a few of this....

We prep the meat with parsley,garlic,onion.egg,bread crumbs

Here's where I realized that I didn't make my stuffed burger. I was planning on bacon,yellow peppers

Maybe I had too many adult drinks :cool:

This is all I got.

My apologies.

I nominate John Wheler and Jason Noble.
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No apologies needed - I would say those burgers are stuffed - stuffed with flavor that is. Great looking meal!


Yeah, I think to make up for "failing", you need to send a burger to all the previous entrants. And one of those IPA's :cool:
Beautiful burgers, Mildo - and I'm sure they tasted even better than they look!

Who are the lucky folks who got to eat those beauties?

Thanks. For five, Brian. My wife, three sons (22, 16, 7 - he had a burger without filling does not like mushrooms) and I - 47:)
I think we've got a few slackers who've yet to submit their cook. C'mon folks! The weather's getting nice. Fire 'em up. :D
Mildo, fantastic job, you put some awesome stuff in that burger. With all these great recipes on burgers we're going to have to put a book together.
... With all these great recipes on burgers we're going to have to put a book together.
Barb, I thought so too and posted about it last week but did not get any love for the idea. I think it would be a great resource...


and there we are! I hope you enjoyed as much as I did workin' on this. My nominees are a pair of Tonys: S Berdoo and UK...
gentlemen! Thanks and SYAtF!

Firstly, I would like to apologise for not taking up Brian's challenge. I have been very busy of late, and not been doing any q-ing. I also haven't been "firing-on-all-six" either. :(

BUT. I'm in fine fettle now, & have got 10 people coming over tomorrow for Pulled Pork, SnT (Rib-Eyes with King Scallops), Tandoori Chook. Sorry, no burgers. So the Bullet & 22"-er will get their first Spring outing.

I will take up Brian's challenge this week if the offer is still open. I have a cunning plan! Thank you.
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All right guess I'm going first, all the suspects lined up




On the OTG


Meat is 80/20, coated with Chef Merito and some thin sliced scallions



All ready with some nice fresh from the bakery Ciabatta's


In the CI after the first turn


Some lettuce tomato and onion and ketchup



I need to know why they call them abt's !!! I love these !!! Cooked them for some friends while we watched the formula 1 today and they are great !!!
I'm taking up Brian Dahl's Stuffed Burger Challenge tonight.

It's going to be Lamb Burgers stuffed with Feta Cheese & Chille's. Gail is going to make Greek tapanade & salad.

The ingredients. (Ground lamb steaks. Red Onion. Feta Cheese. A bit of heat!).


Burgers made & ready to marry up.


Two halves put together.


Will report back later with action shots and plated pics. Oh yeah, look what the delivery man just gave me......yay!!

Mildo, sorry I am late to your post, fabulous Burgers my friend and your photography is outstanding
And "T" I'd go out of my way to eat two of those any day of the week
Broke out the WSM/SJG hybrid for tonight's cook.



Ready to cook.


Grillers In The Dark.


And your plate. Enjoy. Thanks for looking. :)


I would like to keep this challenge on this side of the pond, so I nominate Chris Arnold & Enrico. Go get 'em boys!!
Great burgers Jerome! I appreciate the technique of reverse sears, is on my to-do list


Lamb/greek feta burger looks really yum Tony!


I dare to point out, Enrico has been nominated and therefore you try to select another member please. Read the whole thread Tony;)
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