The Stuffed Burger Challenge

I dare to point out, Enrico has been nominated and therefore you try to select another member please. Read the whole thread Tony;)

Ooops! Missed Enrico's burger...:p

Ok, still keeping it this side of the pond. I nominate Chris Arnold & our friend from the valley's, Steve Terry.
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You know, I don't think I've ever had a lamb burger. We eat it all the time in it's non-ground state...
Yours look really nice, Tony. I mix the chopped onion in w/ the meat too.
OK Folks it looks like the Stuffed Burger Challenge is winding down. I wanted to place my humble entry for your consideration. In the spirit of full disclosure, I actually cooked my entry the same day I issued the challenge (Feb 16). My kids had given me a stuffed burger press for Christmas and I hadn't had a chance to use it so I placed it in service and while I was cooking I decided this would be a great topic for a challenge. I decided to make Stuffed Burgers Two Ways. I made a Deconstructed ABT Burger (imagine my surprise when Bill slammed an ABT Burger right back at me in the first round of the challenge) and a Bacon Blues (BB) Burger. For the first one I used some cold smoked jalapeno jack, jalapenos, and home made bacon. For the second I used sauteed onion, blue cheese, and home made bacon. Both burgers used a mixture of grass fed lean beef and home made Italian Sausage (2:1 ratio). Pics appear below:

Ingredients Staged for Burger Assembly

ABT Burger Construction in the Burger Press

BB Burger Construction

On the Grill Direct

Ciabata Rolls On for Toasting

Staged for Service


ABT Burger First Bite

BB Burger First Bite

Well this was one of the best meals I have put on the table in a long while. The family loved both of the burgers and I liked the press a lot. I found it was hard not to overstuff them but I suspect that this is a matter of experience. In retrospect I think it would be better for the initial challenger to post his/her interpretation when he/she issues the challenge. Thanks for indulging me...


Beautiful creations John, great minds think a like heh? Nicely done my friend, you should nominate someone else to go to it!
Looks like I am a month late to the Rodeo, great job guys ... Burgers look awesome. Lots of inspiration on these pages