Tell me about espresso


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l've got another question, do you still use your drip coffee maker in conjunction with a Nespresso or espresso machine ?

Bob Bass

We tend to drink coffee throughout the day. So our 10 cup Bunn Classic Speed Brew is almost always working.
Currently the Bunn gets the most use, the Nespresso next with the espresso machine the least use.
Convenience wins out.
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Something to keep in mind if you need to make the occasional espresso based milk drink as well....



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Since the topic was somewhat still alive, purchased a new manual/hand grinder today. My main (motorized) grinder is usually filled with a "generic" cheaper espresso bean as my wife grinds/pulls shots with little care or technique - just wants a big-*** latte or two.

I, on the other hand, like to pull the *perfect* shot of espresso, and I purchase different beans regularly so this little guy will allow me to measure out my 18-20g of beans, and grind enough for a double shot when needed without having to readjust and change the beans in our main grinder....

There are a few hand grinders now on the market that produce a high quality grind without spending thousands on a grinder. It's also quickly adjustable to grind course enough for a pour-over cup or fine enough to do Turkish coffee too.



Several years ago I bought a Rancilio Silvia and I have a Rocky and Baratza 270Wi grinders. I know there are better-made espresso machines but I reached a point where I admitted to myself that those methods of enjoying a drink are not suited to my personal interests beyond the experimentation and practice of learning to pull good shots. The best item a guy or gal can invest in is one they use and enjoy. And for me, a tad more than one year ago, that item became this Philips machine. I am not a straight espresso drinker but I enjoy espresso-based drinks, I love iced coffee, and I prefer an Americano over brewed coffee. Another benefit of this machine is that my Son loves straight espresso, so we both get exactly what we want.

You can laugh at me and it won't hurt my feelings, lol: 5400~1&sbkey=default


Someday, I need to learn to let go of things I've bought and will never use again.


Just use a Keurig unless there are visitors. It's just easier for me......
Sad to say in this thread, but that's where I've landed as well. It's not great coffee, but it's drinkable coffee with less fuss than making instant. Since I'm down to one cup a day it's a very reasonable compromise. And the Costco Pacific Bold K-cups have some flavor to them at a decent price.