Snowy Wings


Peter Gallagher

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Hey folks - hope everyone has been well. It's been a little while... I haven't been totally AWOL - I've been lurking around looking at the great cooks! I retired recently, so I should be getting back into participating more regularly, soon - We've had some pretty wild weather in our area lately, so I wanted to post some kind of funny shots from the past weekend - Will a little snow slow down our Weber cooking?.... I think not!


So I had been shoveling out the area, but sorta gave up -


got things going....


I actually baked these first on the gasser (marinated in fish sauce and garlic) - then finished them off in the wok in a slurry of sugar water and pepper sauce


not the greatest effort, but they were still ok ...

finish off with a couple of dog in snow shots...




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That’s dedication! And a lot of snow! Only 4” so far here in the eastern most part of PA. I’ve been dying for wings but refuse to pay what they’re going for these days.


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YEAH!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!

See what I mean Scott?

I get to see pictures of SNOW!!!!!!


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Peter, those wings look good to me and DH would like some of your mac 'n cheese. lol

Ed M.

Wings and mac look terrific, Peter! Great to see you back posting. Your photos are awesome! Congrats on your recent retirement.


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Dang Peter, save some snow for the rest of us. Congrats on your recent retirement. I've got 2 years, 11 months, 2 weeks, 6 days and 8.75 hours to go :)

Timothy F. Lewis

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Enjoy the fruits of your labors! Pretty place! Excellent looking wings! I haven’t made any in a while, making curried chicken for family dinner on Saturday, maybe a batch for Thursday night.