Sardines like 'em or hate 'em?

Asians eat them all the time. Add a can of sardines, sliced onions, and some ketchup together and sauté or just microwave. Then eat with toast or french bread. I think it's like a seafood version of a marinara sandwich.
My grandparents used to tell the story of when I was very young, they took me to my step-grandfathers Italian Sunday family dinner and embarrassed them by eating almost all of the sardines. I don't remember eating sardines since that day. lol
Sardines are quite healthy eating.... great source for calcium, vitamin B12 and they're good for your heart too!
Some cans are better than others... Season Brand is the brand i find and buy.

Today's lunch, Beach Cliff sardines in water, drained and hit with some malt vinegar.
Note to Russ, Cliff, et al, no innards to be found.

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I dont know about that Bob, are you sure. Did you open up every cavity to make sure that it was completly cleaned out?
I doubt you did. I mean who cleans out a sardine? A machine or a human? I would hate to have the job cleaning sardines 8 hours a day.
And if a machine does it, no telling how many little goodies are left behind. You all will never convince me. LOL
If one sardine got into my mouth I would toss my cookies.
For the record I dont eat any seafood or fish. Can not stand the smell or flavor.
Years ago I worked with this guy who ate these little tiny sardines at lunch on the job site. They were maybe a inch, inch & half long in some kind of sauce. Smelled like cat food, I stayed far away. These sardines had never been opened up & he said they were cooked whole. There were no cut marks on those stinking little minnows. LOL
Best sardines I have ever ate...


These are so good (to me), I will crumble a few crackers in the leftover oil and eat it all.

I have even cooked them in grits.

Can't find them in the stores anymore. :(
This thread brings back memories of my Dad. We used to have Sardine sandwiches with mayonnaise, if I remember and it was a long time ago I think he did remove the bones which were small. My Mom would leave the kitchen she couldn't even look at them. Not had a sardine sandwich in 50 years. I think they were all packed in Oil in those days kind of like most if not all of the tuna.
I think they were all packed in Oil in those days kind of like most if not all of the tuna.
Some are in oil, soy bean, cottonseed, and olive. I like olive the best, but soy bean is ok too.
Also available in tomato sauce, hot sauce, with peppers, mustard, and lemon with oil.
Great source of calcium, if you leave the bones in. Since I've been on a recent sardine kick, trying several different brands, I haven't even noticed bones like they used to have.
I always liked the crunch.
I bumped into these of late, and they are as good as Crown Prince sardines.


They are packaged in Morocco (probably the very same processing center that Crown Prince is packaged in), and they taste every bit as good as Crown Prince in the blue box above. I found these in Walmart for about $2.00 a can, and I am enjoying them very much.

For what it's worth, sardines processed in Morocco are harvested in the mid-Atlantic, and they do not have the strong fishy taste that cold water sardines have. They taste like a cross between cold water sardines and tuna in my opinion. Mind you, I like cold water sardines, but I like the mid-Atlantic variety better.

Where did you find those sardines above, Bob?
IIRC they sell those at Costco. I have tried to like or enjoy sardines. Just cannot. Tried many different brands and find them just too bland. Maybe if I could find some good smoked ones I would enjoy but I have not been able to find them
Baby sitter when I was 5-6 or so fed us whole fried sardines, my brother and I can’t touch seafood of any kind to this day.
good thing is my kids love it, sushi, shellfish, calamari! Makes a dad proud!