Sardines like 'em or hate 'em?

Ok, for lunch today, I had the Wild Planet can...
kinda blah. I will not purchase this again...
Then the yellow can of Cento sardines...
much better. Would buy again. More flavor than the Wild Planet sardines.
Perhaps tomorrow, I’ll try the other two above. Although, Season Brand sardines are what I usually buy.
Your link didn't work, but I think these are the ones you're talking about:
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I'll have to give them a try.

That's them. Sorry about the bad link.

After reviewing this thread again, I see where these sardines have been posted before, so I must have missed it.

One other thing I like to do with skinless / boneless sardines in oil from Morocco is to crack the can open and let it sit in previously boiling hot water until the contents warm up. It may sound gross, but I think it adds to the flavor, and I like to lightly toast two WASA rye crackers to crunch up in the left over oil and eat it all up.

You are really diggin' your sardines, lol. I'm starting to feel like I've been missing-out on something good.
I used to eat regular sardines occasionally (especially the ones with mustard & such), but the Crown Prince brand really stuck with me, and I was hooked. Crown Prince also packages an off brand (or used to) called Ocean Prince, but I haven't seen them in a while since Big Lots quit stocking them years back.
I found a tin of the Crown Prince skinless/boneless in olive oil today.
Not the cheapest at $2.35, but less than the $4 Matiz. I'll post my thoughts when I get around to popping the top.
Crown Prince has a 0.50 coupon program going on. Clip the bar codes off the box, send them in, and they will send you a 0.50 coupon for each bar code you mail.

I've got about 20 coupons on hand, but their product (except for anchovies) have disappeared from the east coast it seems.

When I stopped at the store yesterday I forgot I had ordered sardines. So I had to dig for a couple ingredients. I finished two-thirds of the tin and congratulated myself on a good first attempt. That's all I'm gonna say right now, lol, but I might consider throwing some in with scrambled eggs.


I have always liked them and got some during the first Covid scare, I bought them to work and eat them at first break, Beach Cliff mustard and packed in water, I like both.
Had both of these today
One good!
none not so...

King Oscar much better than Season...
I will use this coupon for more Oscar’s