Results: 14.5" WSM Satisfaction Survey

Bump to a great thread, I just got a 14 and think using a good lump like jealous devil will substantially increase cook time with the small charcoal ring
I love my 14!!! I had the same experience as WB 6 hours with KBB, but no lie I can get almost three times that with Weber Briquettes. I have 4 bags of Weber left, but it is being discontinued and I am heartbroken. Finding a charcoal that can really extend the cook time with the little guys is important, and I think JD Lump is a great thought to try to do that. Let us know how that goes.
This was a cool thread thanks for bringing back to the spotlight, I enjoyed the deep dive I went on in reading it!


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I spent hours going back and forth whether to get the 14 or the 18. The 18 was in stock wherever I looked, but no 14s in stock. It would have been an easy decision to just go with the 18. But, what did I do? I ordered a 14 thru Amazon Prime. Should be here tomorrow.

I went with the 14 because whenever I smoke or grill, it's always just for my wife and myself. We don't cook large quantities.

We have a Green Mountain Daniel Boone pellet smoker which is a good bit larger than the WSM 14 and though it doesn't provide as much direct smoke, nor smoke provided by drippings, it's a great and very convenient pellet smoker.

So, having the Green Mountain Pellet, I decided to go with the WSM 14 for charcoal smoking. I think/hope it's going to serve us well for our minimal needs.

We do have a Weber Smokey Joe for grilling, which is the same size as the WSM 14", but in Kettle-style. Great little kettle, though I did order a GrillGrate (cool product!) to prevent flare ups from burning the meat on the Smokey Joe.



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