Renovation Genesis 2 has begun, lots of pics.



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After lurking for a while, (and learning tons) I picked up a Genesis 2 off of CL for $40. I love any thread with pics so I'm going heavy on pics hoping others like that too. Normal grime from use and some rust I didn't initially see. Here are the "before" pics. The lid on this grill was totally faded from the sun so I put a notice in my neighborhood listserv that I would be delighted to acquire a Weber Grill like this (added a photo) and bingo got another grill free. This one a Silver whose lid fits great and is in far better shape. The Silver will be my second project ... I got a fever and the only prescription is more Weber grills!

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These pics are of the frame. One bottom frame member was fairly rotted at both ends. Luckily I have a friend who can weld, he cut off one bad end and inserted into scrap piece and welded new pieces on. Painting of frame is currently underway.

Naked Frame

Fell out of one leg :-)

Rust converter paint applied to heavy rust areas

Underside of frame member, other end was worse. This was cut out and
re-welded by a friend

Worse end

Rust cut off, re-weld

Scrap piece welded on, doesn't interfere with shelf rack, yay!
Moving along, got the cook box scraped out, wow is that tough sledding. Had 1 bolt frozen in where the manifold attaches to cook box. Lucky for me I was able to get most of it out, then CAREFULLLY drilled out the rest. Painted it three coats of flat black, also did the lid endcaps. Cleaned up the wheels, though they're the 8" and from the old brochure pics I should probably have the 6" so when the casters go on the other end it will be level. New burners going in, hoping the manifold is still good.

Looking good!. 8" is the correct size for the wheels. Both my 1000's have 8" wheels. The 6" are on the kettles.
Looks like you are doing a great job on that beauty. Keep up the great work and keep the pics coming. And yes, it will become an obsession.
Looking good!. 8" is the correct size for the wheels. Both my 1000's have 8" wheels. The 6" are on the kettles.

Yes sir you are correct. My mistake was I thought this grill had coasters on the other end, but it didn't. I called Weber and going by the serial they determined it is actually a Genesis II from the mid to late 1980's. Nearly completed, have to post new pics soon! Thanks for the reply. - Ed
Update May 4th, 2016

Nearly there. Finished the wood, though need to drop in bottom shelves. Finished the lid up to where I took off the emblem to refinish per advice found on the forum to paint then sand down the name-logo. Here are the latest pics. BTW, when I called Weber they told me this is actually a Genesis II from mid to late 80's! Cool.
I am thoroughly impressed! You're doing a FINE job on the re-build!

Keep the pictures coming, this is INTERESTING!

Keep on smokin',
Update May 12th, 2016 - She is DONE! :-)

She is DONE! A lot of work but well worth the effort. Got a postcard from my local ACE Hardware store today and a new 3 Burner Stainless Steel Weber Genesis S-310 for a whopping $849! I'm happy with the $100+ I spent to get this old gal looking and feeling great again. Below are the "Before and After" pics. I put both together so everyone could see them side by side. Moving on to the donor Genesis I got to clean up and hopefully recoup some $$$. Take a look!

Beautiful rebuild! When you get the fever to rehab these old grills, you can't stop. Awesome looking grill!
I'm finishing up a rebuild on a 1000 and I have another waiting in the corner after that.
Great job on the restore Ed. I bought a Genesis Silver A off of CL in hopes of restoring it, problem was, it was still in great shape.
Beautiful job Ed, great workmanship. I just converted my 1000LX into a 2000LX. I've had the grill since I bought it new in 1999 and if I had to get rid of eight of my nine grills the greenie would be the one I'd keep.
Hey Ed, what type of prep was needed for the exterior firebox and side pieces?

First I sprayed everything with Simple Green to try and get all grease off. Then I scrubbed all the surfaces with Scotch Brite pads. The outsides were fairly clean. If there was heavy grease, I scraped it with a putty knife. I have a knife blade sharpener I used on the putty knife to keep it sharp. On the lid, I used simple green and 000 steel wool. It looks like it will never come off but just keep it wet and keep rubbing and the lid comes out like mirror finish inside and out. Then I sprayed the outsides only with the high heat matte black finish, several coats. Good Luck and post pics!
LOVING this Weber Grill! It lights every time, has even cooking, heck we can even close the lid without all the meat burning to a crisp. I'm so thrilled with this old gal I can hardly stand it. It makes grilling fun again, something I'd lost with the Chinese made crap I had before, don't get me started. Below some pics of a Peruvian Chicken recipe I tried.